‘We were always trying to break out of fame,’ says Paul McCartney of the Beatles.


‘We were always trying to break out of fame,’ Paul McCartney says of the Beatles.

Paul McCartney of the Beatles has revealed that the Fab Four were always looking for a sense of normalcy.

He also paid moving tribute to John Lennon and George Harrison, both of whom died recently.

Paul McCartney has been promoting his new book The Lyrics: 1956 To The Present, which details the stories behind his numerous chart-topping songs, ahead of The Beatles’ Disney Plus show Get Back.

McCartney reminisced about his journey from the back streets of Liverpool to becoming the world’s most famous band during an interview at the Southbank Centre.

“It was very intense,” McCartney said.

We started out as a small group in Liverpool, then moved to Hamburg… and then came to the United States to perform on the international stage.

And it became quite tense.

“We couldn’t get out of the garden – we were forced to grow,” says [George Harrison].

The 79-year-old added that their chemistry was what helped them stay together for so long, speaking about how the band missed out on some things.

“[George] also said something along the lines of, ‘We gave up our nervous systems [for fame]’,” he added.

And I understand what he’s saying because we couldn’t just be happy-go-lucky down the pub.”

“By then, we were The Beatles, and there were certain expectations of us, and we had to do certain things in a certain way.”

Despite The Beatles’ enormous success, McCartney admitted that the group was always looking for a sense of normalcy.

“We were always trying to break free from it [fame], but there was that element of ‘you have to do this thing that you’re being forced to do,'” he continued.

He also hinted that the band got through it by maintaining their on-stage and off-stage chemistry and connection.

“The four of us miraculously found each other and were working so intensely that your humour was just a part of it,” the Hey Jude singer explained.

“You kind of knew what was going to happen next,” McCartney continued.

So you could kind of work together, and the strength was in the union, he said, and I’d say that.

It made it more enjoyable and bearable.

“The fact that four of us had left Liverpool with such a natural outlook on the.

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