‘We talked for a long time,’ Dick and Angel say after their escape to the Chateau.


‘We talked about it for a long time,’ Dick and Angel say of their escape to the Chateau.

Dick and Angel from ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU have taken to social media to reveal that, after “long and hard” discussions, they will finally make a “big” change to their French home this year.

Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree of Escape to the Chateau have described their “long and hard” discussions about the changes they wanted to make to their 45-room French chateau.

The Channel 4 couple took to Instagram to reflect on the previous 12 months before revealing the one “big” change they have committed to making this year.

We talked about what we could accomplish for a long time.

Angel and Dick

Dick and Angel announced that, thanks to their 205,000 followers, they were finally ready to take on one of the most difficult jobs yet in the renovation of their chateau.

“2021 flew by, and every dusty moment was loved,” they wrote.

“Without events this year, we debated what we could accomplish, and it was decided that it was time to make a shambles and tackle some of the chateau’s major projects…

“Work on the roof has finally begun!” they exclaimed.

They added the hashtags “(hashtag)chateauhomeware (hashtag)angelstrawbridge (hashtag)dickstrawbridge (hashtag)escapetothechateau” and “(hashtag)angelstrawbridge (hashtag)dickstrawbridge (hashtag)dickstrawbridge (hashtag)dickstrawbridge (hashtag)dickstrawbridge (hashtag

The couple also included a photo of the chateau in its current state alongside the caption.

Scaffolding could be seen running up the right-hand side of the imposing structure, indicating that construction has begun.

The milestone was celebrated by fans of the Channel 4 show in the comments.

“I can’t wait to see…”, Childsmarlena wrote.

“The Roof!! Wow congratulations,” Tappetandtwill added.

“It’s going to look fab when it’s finished,” wrote worthingtonsue.

“The Chateau Roof is now looking amazing to see can’t wait until all of its roof areas are finished,” said jonesnathan58.

Last year, the couple opened up about their apprehensions about embarking on their most costly renovation project to date on their French home.

Angel, a mother of two, admitted she was “pretty scared” to have the dilapidated roof retiled, but warned her husband that it had to be done before they began hosting weddings.

However, it appears that Dick and Angel have decided to undertake the largest and “most expensive” project at the chateau by replacing the entire 340 square foot roof.

“I had always thought we’d be doing the roof in the down season from weddings a section at a time,” Dick told his wife in an episode last year.

“I “Brinkwire Summary News,” Angel agreed.

We discussed long and hard what we could achieve

Dick and Angel


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