‘We pushed everything we had into Just Drive Part 2′, says Wolfclub.


‘We pushed everything we had into Just Drive Part 2′, says Wolfclub.

WOLFCLUB: Just Drive Part 2 has just been released, completing the band’s two-part album from 2021. Despite the fact that band members Chris and Steve were under a lot of strain during the recording process, they fought to make it a memorable experience.

Wolfclub, a British synthwave duo, set off on a perilous expedition this year. Due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, Steve and Chris hunkered down and promised their massive fanbase not just one, but two albums. In March, Just Drive Part 1 was released, immersing listeners in a beautiful, hope-filled vista of current pop music. Part 2 of Just Drive builds on and concludes the narrative groundwork laid in Part 1 – but with some notable differences.

Just Drive Part 2 offers not just some of the band’s most infectious dance anthems, but also some of their most profound lyricism.

However, Wolfclub revealed that it wasn’t the easiest thing they’d ever done.

“I’ve never felt this before, but in a strange sense, by having an album named Just Drive Part 1, I’ve never really felt pressure for the next album before,” Steve admitted openly.

“For Just Drive Part 2, I kind of felt… a lot of pressure.”

“Oh God, what if it’s not as good [as Just Drive Part 1]?” Steve expressed his main concern about the forthcoming album.

His suspicions, thankfully, were unjustified.

“We had a handful of tracks that we really liked, and some of them felt like they would fit in really nicely,” Steve explained.

Parts 1 and 2 both feel like they’re telling a big story, but they’re also completely different.

This is largely due to the variety of their sounds, which include various blends of style, speed, and lyrics spread among 12 tracks.

Chris and Steve are both appropriately pleased of their work.

“This is… it’s probably our best compilation of music, for sure,” Chris said, a little nervously.

Just Drive Part 2 begins with an explosion of sounds, similar to the last album, including the band’s most recent singles, Flashback and California Days.

Chris, on the other hand, explained that he didn’t intend to make just another couple of synthwave songs for those tracks.

He described it as “nearly grungy.” “Shoegazing, grunge, alt-rock… those [kind of songs]are the easiest for me.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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