‘We need to change men’s behavior!’ Males, according to Benedict Cumberbatch, need to be quiet and listen.


‘We need to change men’s behavior!’ Males, according to Benedict Cumberbatch, need to be quiet and listen.

While discussing his current film role, BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH said that men need to “shut up and listen” and called for an end to toxic masculinity.

While discussing the release of his new film, The Power of the Dog, Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch called for the eradication of toxic masculinity. In a promotional interview for the film, the award-winning actor, 45, discussed the need of addressing “male behavior” and getting rid of the “childish perspective of ‘not all men are terrible.'”

No, all we have to do now is shut up and listen.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a British actor who is well-known for his

The English actor plays charismatic rancher Phil Burbank in the film, who inspires terror and awe in those who come into contact with him.

Cumberbatch, speaking about the impact of toxic masculinity, called for substantial change.

According to the actor, “We need to change men’s behavior.

“You have to elevate the engine’s cover just a tiny bit.”

In order to “challenge” the patriarchy, he went on to say that males need to “stop up” and listen to what’s being said.

“I think it’s always relevant, and it’s even more necessary in a world that’s questioning, ripping into, and eventually pointing out the shortcomings of the current quo and patriarchy,” he concluded.

“You get this rebellious element, this denial, this immature protective posture of ‘not all guys are evil.’

“No, all we have to do is shut up and listen,” he explained.

According to the Netflix star, there will come a day when real life must imitate what was done in the movie.

“There isn’t enough awareness of abuse, there isn’t enough recognition of disadvantages,” he told Sky News. “At the same time, we need to do maybe what the film does as well, which is investigate the cause behind repressive behavior to cure the males.”

The actor’s remarks follow his co-star Kirsten Dunst’s admission that she avoided spending time with him on the Netflix set of The Power of the Dog.

Even after they had done filming for the day, the two decided to stay in character the entire day and refused to speak to each other.

While Cumberbatch portrays Phil Burbank, Dunst portrays Rose Gordon, the wife of his brother George.

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