‘We haven’t made any money,’ Davina McCall admits to her boyfriend’s struggle with her latest project.


‘We haven’t made any money,’ admits Davina McCall of her latest project with her boyfriend.

‘We haven’t made any money,’ Davina McCall admits to her boyfriend about her latest project.

Since her 17-year marriage to Matthew Robertson, Davina McCall, 54, has been in a relationship with Michael Douglas.

Davina revealed why her relationship works so well in a new interview, despite the fact that her new projects aren’t making money.

I enjoy collaborating with him on the podcast.

Davina McCall is a model and actress.

Davina and Michael have been friends for more than 20 years and began dating in 2019.

They first met when Michael was Davina’s hairstylist during her Big Brother days.

Davina was asked how things are going with her partner in an interview in this week’s OK!

She claims she and Michael have an “agreement” not to discuss their relationship, which she claims is working out well.

Instead, the public only gets a glimpse into the couple’s happy marriage through their podcast Making the Cut.

“I love doing the podcast with him,” she said.

“It’s essentially a continuation of what we’ve always done, which is to recommend things to one another.”

“Even if we didn’t make any money – which we haven’t really done yet – we’d still do it because we enjoy it.”

“It also appears that people adore it.”

But, I suppose, it’s the most public thing we do as a couple.”

Davina believes the podcast is a success because it is “pretty public,” whereas their “relationship isn’t.”

Davina previously stated that she would not speak publicly about her divorce from Matthew for the same reasons stated above.

In 2018, Davina took to Twitter to explain why she would not be commenting after a story about her divorce proceedings was published.

“Just for the record, I have not and will never discuss my divorce… money kidsterms NONE of it with the press so whatever is out there is not from me (and is rubbish) This is to protect our kids,” she tweeted at the time.

Davina married Matthew in 2000, just before she started hosting Big Brother.

Holly, Tilly, and Chester were the couple’s three children.

Davina recently made a comeback on the new Masked Singer UK series.

The panelist admitted ahead of the ITV series that now that she’s in her 50s, she’s ready to stop “giving a damn.”

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I love doing the podcast with him.

Davina McCall


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