‘We have no choice.’ Dan Walker responds to a viewer who described a BBC Breakfast practice as “cringe-worthy.”


‘We have no choice.’ Dan Walker responds to a viewer who described a BBC Breakfast practice as “cringe-worthy.”

DAN WALKER answered a viewer’s question regarding the “cringey” pauses on BBC Breakfast.

Dan Walker, 44, has been a main presenter on BBC Breakfast since 2016, and he knows the ins and outs of how the show operates, as well as what is required for each part to guarantee the show runs well. So he was well prepared to respond to a viewer’s inquiry on why the hosts have to pause before handing over to the local news.

For a brief moment, we must halt to allow diverse nations to opt out of our output.

Dan Walker is a writer and a musician.

The viewer asked the query on Twitter on Tuesday.

“@mrdanwalker Hi Dan, what’s with the pregnant pause when you’re supposed to be switching to the local news?” They inquired.

“It makes me cringe. Cheers.” (sic)

The BBC star quickly responded, admitting it was a valid point.

He began with, “Good question.”

“We need to take a moment to allow other countries to opt out of our output.

He explained, “They turn to their own show while we have the weather with Carol.”

The admirer was grateful for the response because their question had been answered.

“Thank you for your response; it makes sense. They said, “Have a nice day.”

There looked to be a little blunder during Tuesday morning’s show, when Dan appeared alongside Sally Nugent, as the presenters appeared to think there was supposed to be a cutaway before they began another part.

Dan proceeded to jokingly mock his co-reaction host’s to the gaffe after they realized what was going on and went back on track, but weather presenter Carol Kirkwood came to Sally’s defense.

It happened right after the hosts gave viewers a preview of what was to come on the show.

Sally broke the silence after a brief pause by saying, “You’re watching BBC Breakfast,” while her co-star giggled along in the background.

Dan apologized for interrupting her, explaining that he mistookly assumed they were going to Carol and not continue with the show.

“All right, let’s go see Carol.” We were discussing Carol, so we might as well go directly to her,” the sports journalist said.

The forecaster was also seen chuckling at the awkward blunder on the large screen in the studio.

“Sally was doing full formality there, Carol,” Dan commented after they had all said good morning to one another.

Defending and slapping her co-star. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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