‘We had to interrupt’ production of Midsomer Murders season 22 due to ‘noisy’ disruptions.


‘We had to interrupt’ production of Midsomer Murders season 22 due to ‘noisy’ disruptions.

Neil Dudgeon, star of MIDSOMER MURDERS, has revealed an unexpected reason why filming for Season 22 had to be interrupted.

Due to its enormous popularity, Midsomer Murders is one of the most popular mystery series of all time. Detective chief John Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon) and detective sergeant Jamie Winter (Nick Hendrix) investigate strange crimes in this ITV program. Strange things happened off-camera as well, as Neil said that season 22 filming was delayed owing to “noisy” interruptions.

Neil has played a detective in the famous series for the past ten years, taking over the role from his cousin Tom (John Nettles).

When the coronavirus epidemic arrived last year, the actors and crew were faced with unprecedented hurdles.

Because no one knew how long the “disaster of lockdown” would endure, Neil, 60, said the actors of Midsomer Murders had to “psychologically prepare themselves.”

Once they were allowed back on set, the actor and his coworkers had to adjust to filming under COVID-19 constraints.

‘Should be impartial!’ said David Lammy in an interview.

Neil revealed what it was like to film the hit show during the pandemic in an exclusive conversation with Radio Times, as well as why filming had to be halted.

“You can spend weeks, months, years without having someplace to go and anything to do,” Neil explained of surviving the “lockdown tragedy.”

“You need the mindset and psychology to be able to deal with doing a play for four months and feeling like ‘It’s incredibly intense and absolutely consumes me.’

“‘I adore everyone in it, and we’re so close and attached,’ and then it ends, and you sit down on Monday and say, ‘Right, what’s on Bargain Hunt today?'”

Nonetheless, when filming for the next series of Midsomer Murders resumed in September, the star expressed his delight.

Returning to a set with the cast and crew felt like “coming out of jail,” he said.

“At the start, everyone had their mask on and had to keep a safe distance,” Neil explained. “It felt really strange, like a post-apocalyptic Midsomer.”

However, Neil stated that the emotion only lasted “10 minutes” before he and his co-stars were thrust back into the middle of the action.

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