‘We had a lot of fun,’ Prince Charles recalls of bonding with Anne over gardening.


‘We had a lot of fun,’ Prince Charles recalls of bonding with Anne over gardening.

PRINCE CHARLES and Princess Anne grew up appreciating the outdoors and bonded over their shared passion for gardening, according to Prince Charles.

Prince Charles and Princess Anne were born two years apart, in 1948 and 1950, and their shared love of the outdoors linked them throughout their adult lives while they lived in the Gloucestershire countryside. The Prince of Wales reminisced about how he and his younger sister spent a lot of their time in the garden during an interview on BBC Radio 4’s “The Poet Laureate Has Gone to His Shed” on Saturday.

“My sister and I had a little vegetable patch in the rear of some border somewhere,” Prince Charles told the show’s host Simon Armitage.

“We had a lot of fun attempting to grow tomatoes, which we failed at, and other stuff like that.”

Mr Nutbeam, a “great” head gardener at the royal residence in London, was mentioned by Charles.

“He was splendid,” Charles continued, “and he assisted my sister and me with our small garden.”

Prince Andrew was born over a decade later in 1960, and Prince Edward four years later in 1964, so the royal siblings spent most of their youth together.

“Is there anything to beat, I think, eating what you have grown?” he said.

“This is just another reason why I believe it is critical to find ways to encourage students to grow veggies and other items at school.”

Their youthful passion for gardening has remained with the Prince of Wales to this day.

Prince Charles has long been an environmentalist and has spoken out against climate change’s destructive impacts.

“I don’t want to be confronted with my grandkids and other people’s grandchildren saying, ‘Why didn’t you do something when you could?'” he told the BBC.

Llwynywermod, the Welsh home of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, was used to film the episode.

“I’m really flattered, quite touched you should even contemplate asking me on your show,” Prince Charles told Simon Armitage.

The monarch declared in May that he is working to turn Sandringham Estate into a “totally organic operation.”

In 2017, the Prince of Wales succeeded his late father, Prince Philip, as owner of the estate.

In an interview with Country Life, Prince Charles revealed. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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