‘We both look fantastic!’ Identical twins have dermal filler transformations – photos


‘We both look fantastic!’ Identical twins have dermal filler transformations – photos

TWINS WHO ARE IDENTICAL Julie and Tara claim that they work together on everything. The sisters decided to give dermal fillers a try and are both “very pleased” with the results. This website allows them to share their experiences.

Four weeks ago, Julie Clarkson and Tara Hooker, both 51, from Cheshire, attempted dermal filler for the first time. UTH Aesthetics, a novel dermal filler with some of the lowest toxicity levels on the market, was used to treat the twins.

Julie and Tara chose dermal filler to improve their appearance and, more significantly, their confidence in themselves.

They were both eager to learn what could be done to mask the signs of aging while also making them feel fantastic.

Tara added that the procedure had been on their minds for some time, stating, “Of course, we’d discussed it previously.” We have identical honesty.

“After a few glasses of wine, you look at each other and say things like what looks really bad, what would you alter, and so on.

“I think she looks amazing now that she’s had it done, and I’m delighted with mine as well.”

“We laughed on the day because when we were born, I came 10 minutes before Julie, and I was first into the treatment chair as well,” Tara continued.

Julie agreed that having Tara by her side during the procedure was natural. “We do a lot of stuff together,” she remarked.

“We live close to one another, work for the same company, had Botox treatments together, and now we’ve both had dermal fillers done at the same time.

“I suppose we want to grow old together as well.”

Julie went on to explain why she wanted to undertake the procedure, stating that she had “a lot” of confidence issues.

“I simply felt like I’d lost a little bit of momentum,” she explained.

“I’ve always looked excellent for my age, but as you get into your late forties and early fifties, your confidence begins to dwindle. The majority of women do.

“When you’re going through a transition, you’ll notice that everything changes, especially when it comes to your skin. Even if you do everything correctly, like going to the gym and eating healthily, there are some factors you can’t control.”

Tara and Julie stopped by “Brinkwire Summary News” to see Dr. Martyn and Sharon King.


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