‘We are weakening and getting overly sensitive.’ Piers Morgan is furious at the NHS’s “fat-shaming” training.


‘We are weakening and getting overly sensitive.’ Piers Morgan is furious at the NHS’s “fat-shaming” training.

After a number of patients complained, PIERS MORGAN slammed the NHS for giving doctors “fat-shaming” preventative training.

Following reports that the NHS offers training on “fat-shaming,” Piers Morgan, 56, has warned that the UK is becoming a “pathetically weak” nation. The former Good Morning Britain host slammed a “over-sensitive” society, alleging that “celebrating” victimhood has become commonplace.

Piers posted in front of his eight million followers while retweeting an article on NHS “fat shaming” training: “For fat’s sake… we’re becoming such a pathetically weak & over-sensitive society.”

“We now celebrate victimization, so everyone is a bl***y victim.”

In response, his supporters voiced their thoughts on the subject, with some emphasizing the importance of mental health.

“Respecting other people’s sentiments is absolutely not ‘celebrating victimhood,’” one person said.

“There needs to be some form of education on this,” a second responded. Eating disorders are a significant issue that parents, teachers, the media, friends, and society as a whole must recognize.”

“Anyone who patronizes folks who are battling with their fitness has forgotten where they started,” said a third. What is required is encouragement!”

“No one wants to be bullied,” a fourth remarked, “but surely it is a doctor’s responsibility to counsel their patients about long-term health issues?” We should probably just cease talking to each other. Turn off the lights and say your goodbyes, as well as thank you for all the fish!”

Because of the “extremely serious risks” of obesity, healthcare staff “must not be scared” to bring it up, according to the Royal College of Physicians, but they should do so “sensitively” and avoid using “stigmatizing language.”

Last year, NHS trusts received at least 63 official complaints about how staff spoke to overweight patients, according to Freedom of Information requests.

A doctor at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust is accused of telling a lady she was morbidly fat and that it was her responsibility because of “the c**p she consumes.”

After allegedly commenting that a patient’s “boobs” were “not much to look at if you can find them beneath all that fat,” a West Midlands Ambulance Service staff faced disciplinary action.

“Talking about someone’s weight may be a delicate matter, and health professionals need to take great care when tackling it,” Rachel Power of the Patients Association said.

“They must be able to provide honest counsel to patients, including.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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