‘We are being treated like lab experiment,’ a Vine guest said of anti-vaccine footballers.


‘We are being treated like lab experiment,’ a Vine guest said of anti-vaccine footballers.

Footballers who resist vaccines, according to ANGELA Epstein, are allowing their fans to function as a “lab experiment” to keep sport alive, as certain players on England’s national team have apparently refused to obtain the Covid vaccine.

“So we’re the lab experiment that’s allowed all these footballers to muck around on football fields for a weekly wage of 12 billion pounds.”

“Second, they serve as role models.

“They owe it to others to lead the path forward because they have the authority to do so, and they owe it to the rest of us.”

“And finally, unless I’m missing something, football is the most intimate of all the tasks you perform,” she concluded.

“There’s a lot of shoving and getting up close and personal.”

“They are not going to be permitted to play,” Jeremy Vine added.

“However, they are claiming that they should be permitted to play,” Ms Epstein said.

“I have much sympathy with what you say,” stated fellow Vine panelist Henry Bonsu. I’ve been out and about telling people that they need to take it, especially people of my own ethnic background, not least because people of African Caribbean descent are overrepresented in the physics for mortality, you know, because of various pre-existing conditions and societal conditions.

“However, these footballers are not breaking any rules at the moment.”

“They’re permitted to play football without being vaccinated in this country.”

“I’m guessing, as part of the routine in clubs, the in bubbles at specific times of the week,” he continued.

Five members of England’s national football team are said to have refused vaccinations.

They could be dropped before of the World Cup in Qatar next year.

Sajid Javid claimed that the unnamed players are betraying the country, and he urged them to recognize their power as “role models.”


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