‘Way to kill it,’ says the narrator. The host of GB News cracks jokes Joe Swash’s interview was canceled by Stacey Solomon.


‘Way to kill it,’ says the narrator. The host of GB News cracks jokes Joe Swash’s interview was canceled by Stacey Solomon.

When the Great British Breakfast’s discussion with Joe Swash was abruptly cut off, GB NEWS host Simon McCoy sneered at Stacey Solomon.

Joe Swash, the former EastEnders actor, visited GB News via video link on Thursday, and was welcomed by Simon McCoy and Kirsty Gallacher. The duo was abruptly cut off when the presenters recognized Stacey Solomon and invited her to participate in the interview.

“I believe we spotted Stacey strolling through the rear window there; she’s in the garden,” Kirsty says.

Joe observed, “She was going to come in through the back door.”

“Are you able to take her?” Before Stacey appeared on camera next to Joe, Kirsty inquired.

“Hello, Stacey.” How are you doing today, Kirsty and Simon?” The host of GB News enquired.

The screen went blank when Joe and Stacey’s connection was severed.

“Oh!” “That’s what she thought of us,” Kirsty exclaimed, and Simon added.

Kirsty remarked, “That’s how you kill it.” “I was just going to ask her how she was doing since she’s been having some unusual [pregnancy]cravings,” I explained.

Simon speculated, “He’ll have moved something and disconnected his computer, that’s what he’s done.”

“If we have time, which we probably won’t, we’ll bring them back, but wasn’t that a nearly perfect moment?” Kirsty made a remark.

“She was going to speak, and we were very close to having Stacey Solomon on the show,” Simon continued.

Before the connection with Joe and Stacey was restored, the presenters began to move on.

“Have we gotten them back?” says the narrator. “Sorry guys, here’s Stacey,” Joe said in response to Kirsty’s question.

“Was Stacey the one who pulled the plug?” Simon was the one who inquired. “What exactly was the issue?

“I don’t want to get you into trouble, but remind her what you told us: she does 20% of the cooking.”

“I told them that 20 percent of the cooking is done by me and 80 percent is done by you,” Joe told Stacey.

Stacey responded, “No you haven’t,” as Simon and Kirsty burst out laughing.

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“You’re going to get me in trouble!” exclaimed the former EastEnders actor.

Joe talked about collaborating with Peperami while sharing his culinary nightmares from his experience on I’m A Celebrity…

I have to get out of here!

“There is a long list of things that I have eaten, I’ve eaten,” he remarked.


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