Was Michael Darby Ashley’s’slave driver,’ according to ‘RHOP’ star Candiace Bassett?


Was Michael Darby Ashley’s’slave driver,’ according to ‘RHOP’ star Candiace Bassett?

Candiace was chastised by Ashley for referring to her husband Michael as a “slave driver,” and Ashley demanded to know what she meant and whether she was being labeled a slave.

Candiace Dillard Bassett’s life does not appear to include the phrase forgive and forget. Despite the fact that the housewife’s battle with Mia Thornton has taken center stage this season, her feud with co-star Ashley Darby has not. Candiace and Ashley sparred once more on the most recent episode of ‘Real Housewives of Potomac.’

The ‘RHOP’ ladies and their partners decided to spend a nice supper together during their mini-vacation in Chesapeake. Candiace and Ashley got into a major yelling match at the restaurant, leaving everyone stunned and uncomfortable. What was supposed to be a joyful and ‘positive vibes only’ night rapidly went very ugly. It all started when Ashley inquired about Candiace’s previous altercation with Mia with Chris Bassett, Candiace’s husband. Chris explained that he reprimanded Candiace for causing such a ruckus with Mia. He went on to say that he’d like to reconcile with Ashley’s husband, Michael Darby. Last season, the two men had a tense relationship on the show, as they both talked down to each other and even got into a physical brawl.

Brinkwire News’Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Season 2 Sneak Peek: The tension between Monique and Candiace grows, concluding in a physical altercation. The ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ are a group of women that live in the Potomac Valley. Ashley is dubbed “fake AF” by fans after receiving an apology for fighting with Candiace. Ashley notes out that some of Chris and Candiace’s remarks about her husband irritated him. Candiace soon chimed in, noting how Michael had referred to her spouse as “white trash.” Chris attempted to de-escalate the situation, but things quickly spiraled out of control when an enraged Ashley brought up Candiace’s questionable social media posts. Candiace was chastised for referring to her husband Michael as a “slave driver,” and she demanded to know what she meant and if she was being called a slave.

Candiace merely shrugged her shoulders and continued to sip her drink, completely unconcerned about charges of calling a Black woman a’slave’ and a White man a’slave driver.’ We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering if Candiace truly did say those harsh comments about the Darbys. Thankfully, the show’s producers were able to obtain receipts for the tweets Ashley was referring to from 2019. Candiace refers to Michael Ashley as his ‘overseer.’ “Let me tell you something,” Candiace replied in response to Ashley’s tweet criticizing Chris for his angry discussion with Michael. I’m attempting to do so. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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