WandaVision fans are ecstatic about Agatha’s Grammy nomination.


WandaVision fans are ecstatic about Agatha’s Grammy nomination.

Despite the fact that WandaVision was launched about a year ago, the Disney(plus) has been nominated for a Grammy. “Agatha All Along,” a WandaVision song, has been nominated for Best Song for Visual Media. As a result, the viral sensation rapidly became a hot subject on social media as fans reminisced about their favorite moments from the show.

“I was aware that I would have a theme song, but I had no idea I would be singing it until we were halfway through filming and they said, ‘Oh, we’re going to need you to sing.’ ‘Great,’ I thought, but I had no expectations that it would be the item that came out “Hahn has previously stated of the song. Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, as well as backing singers Eric Bradley, Greg Whipple, Jasper Randall, and Gerald White, have all been nominated.

He said, “‘Wait, what?’ I exclaimed. Everything was as if it were taking place on a foreign planet — it was like another us or another me, simply another thing going on. ‘You topped the Biebs!’ someone said. ‘What are you talking about?’ I wondered. The whole affair was weird to say the least.” Continue reading to see what admirers had to say.

There’s No Stopping for (hashtag)WandaVision(hashtag)AgathaAllAlong has been nominated for a (hashtag)GRAMMY in the category of Best Song Written for Visual Media. 🤞🏻 To the entire team, we congratulate you. pic.twitter.comd50a13F1oKI This remix of “Agatha All Along” is still going strong (hashtag)GRAMMYs (hashtag)WandaVision https:t.coTJY4jBtvBvY Who’d have guessed “Agatha All Along” would be nominated for a Grammy??? WandaVision (hashtag) pic.twitter.comMjnwqT3yWY GRAMMY NOMINATED HIT, NO ONE IS OUTDOING (hashtag)WANDAVISION pic.twitter.comNuuGhmbe19grammy nominated agatha all along trap remix remains unmatched (hashtag)WandaVision pic.twitter.com2hocLSjVRrAGATHA ALL ALONG IS AN EMMY AND GRAMMY NOMINATED BOP (hashtag)WANDAVISION pic. This sequence had a lot of flex in it. (hashtag)Wandavision (hashtag)TheSciFiFantasyShow (hashtag)PCAs pic.twitter.comWD8XBdtfUO pic.twitter.comWD8XBdtfUO pic.twitter.comWD8XBdtfUO pic.twitter.comWD8XBdtfUO pic.twitter.comWD8 ***** The full WandaVision series is now available to watch on Disney (plus).

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