Wales: International travel is back on the table, but it poses a “clear public health risk.”


Wales: International travel is back on the table, but it poses a “clear public health risk.”

WALES is keeping up with the newest travel news, but believes the new list poses a “clear public health risk,” and continues to advise “against international travel for non-essential reasons this summer.”

Although the UK Government’s travel statement on Wednesday was good news for Britons and the travel industry, the Welsh Government is not pleased.

Some people said they were not consulted and expressed their dissatisfaction with the modification.

Eluned Morgan, the Welsh Government’s Minister for Health, responded to the news.

“This is unacceptable,” she added. “International travel policy has an impact on all regions of the UK, and Welsh interests must be considered in the decision-making process.”

“We are quite upset with the unilateral decision chosen and believe that reopening international travel while the virus is circulating globally has clear public health risks,” she stated.

“For these reasons, we continue to advise against non-essential international travel this summer.”

Despite the fact that the Welsh Government does not believe foreign travel should be permitted, they have kept up with the latest UK Government news.

Eluned Morgan explains why she is hesitant to make the move.

“However, because we share an open border with England, introducing a distinct border health strategy would not be practicable or viable,” she stated.

Holidaymakers’ life will be made easier as a single set of laws will apply to all four UK countries.

The traffic light system is under fire from the travel sector, which believes it is ineffective.

“The demand is there, but the uncertainty connected with the Government’s traffic light system has weakened trading for a second consecutive summer,” said Damian Webb, restructuring partner at audit, tax, and consulting firm RSM. With most government assistance programs coming to an end, some seasonal and specialty businesses may run out of gas.”

“The government has to be held accountable for the challenges it has created for the travel industry, and it should look to provide more support,” he concluded. Many enterprises have benefited from investor backing during these difficult times, but some are losing faith in the sector as a result of the government’s inconsistent travel policy.”

A traffic signal system in Wales that differed from that in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland would have wreaked havoc on the transport sector.

Wales had no choice but to comply with whatever update the UK Government issued, which it did.

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