Walden, a Harold Pinter Theatre production, reunites rival twin sisters.


Walden, a Harold Pinter Theatre production, reunites rival twin sisters.

BRILLIANT and competitive twin sisters reconnect in an isolated cabin after a year apart to voice their issues in an attempt at reconciliation.

While Stella (Gemma Arterton) has chosen to live on the ground with her eco-warrior boyfriend (Fehinti Balogun), her botanist sister Cassie (Lydia Wilson) has just returned from a year-long mission to build a sustainable habitat on the moon – a job that Stella had hoped to get but was denied after failing a crucial physical test.

This is the central theme of American playwright Amy Berryman’s debut work. It is set in the not-too-distant future and speculates that the Earth has been subjected to more man-made disasters than it can take, prompting scientists to investigate the potential of establishing settlements on other planets.

The Big Debate is whether the trillions of dollars should be spent to restore the parched Earth’s resources or to save humanity by starting over on another planet.

Despite the fact that all three actors perform an excellent job, Walden lacks the dramatic punch to reach the heights that it aspires to.

The twins’ past discoveries and their astronaut father’s hero adoration pale in comparison to their debate about how to survive the impending apocalypse.

Despite this, Berryman delivers sharp dialogue, Ian Rickson’s direction is assured, and the committed cast maintains a sense of familial tension.


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