“vulnerable”vulnerable”can’t escape”can’t flee.


BTS has devoted fans, as with many famous celebrities, who support them in a positive way and others whose obsession transforms the relationship between artist and fan into a dark one.

The group is constantly grappling with what “sasaeng” fans are called in the K-pop community, which refers to stalker fans who go to lengths to violate the privacy of an idol.

These sasaengt are trying to get to BTS in different ways, but one common strategy is to take the same flights as them.

“vulnerable”vulnerable”can’t escape”can not escape.

She used flights to get close to BTS, a former Sasaeng fan said.

A social media personality called Sherliza Moé posted a video of her interview with a former BTS Sasaeng in February 2019. The sasaeng-who wanted to remain anonymous-described in the interview a number of activities in which she and other sasaeng were involved, including the purchasing and sale of BTS personal information and private images.

The Sasaeng said it occurred to her to take the same flights as BTS, talking about the “worst” thing she’s ever done. She then explained what happens when BTS and Sasaeng fans are on the same plane.

Well, it depends on the size of the aircraft, the number of Sasaeng fans, the number of security guards and managers, and the flight time in particular,”Well, it depends on the size of the plane, the number of sasaeng fans, the number of managers and security guards, and especially the flight time,” “If there is enough time and the plane is rather small, the sasaeng have a better chance to sneak into business or first class to take private photos. If it’s a big plane with several hundred passengers, it’s much harder to look for the guys without getting caught.”

For odd reasons, Sasaeng fans like being on the same flights as BTS.

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“vulnerable”vulnerable”can’t escape”can’t escape.

“The reason why illegal flight information is so popular among the sasaeng is because the members are so vulnerable in this situation that they cannot escape,” she revealed. “This is the only place where they cannot escape the sasaeng. We’re all trapped in the same small, enclosed space for hours, and that situation makes it so attractive to sasaengs.”

She also remembered the various ways in which sasaengs would attempt to get close on the plane to BTS, such as going to the bathroom as a member at the same time.

“I’ve been in ones where I was in the same first class as BTS,” said the former Sasaeng. I noticed how when one member had to go, there were still two sasaengs going to the toilet.

They claimed not to know her, but it was clear they were sasaengs. I watched them, and the two sasaengs would go to the bathroom every time a member finished, to do whatever perverted stuff they had to do. It was a terrifying experience.

It was not only Sasaengs with first-class seats, however, who tried to get close to the BTS.

Many sitting in the economy class also had their own methods of accessing the first-class cabin.

There were also some sasaeng from the economic class who pretended to look for the toilet in the first class,” the former sasaeng said.”

The flight attendant politely asked them to return to economy class, and they responded that the aisle to the rear lavatory was blocked by something like the beverage cart.

They often used it as an excuse to use the same toilet as BTS.

BTS ‘V once called out Sasaeng fans for breaching their flight privacy.

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The BTS members have spoken out on many occasions against Sasaeng. In particular, V once said how frightening it is for his party when Sasaeng repeatedly attempts to board the same flights as them.

“I should speak on behalf of our team,” he said in a December 2019 live stream. “You know how we board planes by ourselves these days? We fly on private flights [now]. We want to fly on commercial flights, but whenever we do a long-haul or short-haul, there are people who know about our flights and will sit in front of us or right next to us.”

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