Vogue Williams discusses her decision to join the Channel 4 series Gogglebox.


Vogue Williams discusses her decision to join the Channel 4 series Gogglebox.

GOGGLEBOX fans may be treated to a brand new addition to the Channel 4 show, as a royal pair is rumored to be joining the celebrity series.

Gogglebox airs a special program on Friday evening that looks back at some of the best moments from the year 2021. Celebrity Gogglebox’s third series ended last month, but Vogue Williams has indicated that she and Spencer Matthews may be signed up for the Channel 4 show when it returns.

Vogue said that she and Spencer like watching Gogglebox during the launch of her collaboration with children’s clothing company ROCO.

James Matthews, the Made in Chelsea star’s brother, married Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa Middleton in 2017.

Vogue revealed her TV viewing habits when asked if she would be interested to shooting a reality program with her husband.

“I love Gogglebox, so we’d absolutely do that,” she remarked. We do sit down like a lot of others and watch it together, telling and commenting on it.” “We love watching stuff together, so it would be fantastic,” she remarked.

“The point is, we have separate televisions because I watch my own shows in my room.

“Something he can’t handle, like Keeping Up With the Kardashians, so I’ll watch it in another room.”

“But we like Game of Thrones together, which we restarted during lockdown, and we’ve watched The Sopranos four times.” Will the couple be seen on the Gogglebox sofa later this year?

Meanwhile, when asked if she’d be interested in auditioning for Strictly Come Dancing, Vogue acknowledged that she isn’t “allowed” to do so.

She stated, “I’ve done Strictly in Australia, so I’m not permitted to do that.”

“It was a terrific experience, incredibly hard work, but no, I won’t be invited to do it over here,” the model said of her appearance on Australia’s Dancing With the Stars in 2012.

“I’ve always dreamed of developing my own childrenswear line,” Vogue said when discussing her collection with ROCO. “I’m really happy to be working with ROCO,” she said.

“It’s been almost two years in the making, so seeing the pieces finally come to life from our initial design meeting all those months ago is very exciting.” What’s going on in your neck of the woods? Add your postcode or go to InYourArea to find out. “I have truly loved working with the team and.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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