Vinny Panesar attacks a Walford resident over Dotty? on EastEnders.


Vinny Panesar lashes out at a Walford resident over Dotty? in EastEnders.

Vinny Panesar of EASTENDERS has been smitten with Dotty Cotton for a long time, and it appears that as he continues to assist the troubled resident, tensions between him and Keegan Baker will rise.

Dotty (Milly Zero) has been kicked out of Sonia Fowler’s (Natalie Cassidy) house and has nowhere to go since her cruel scheme with Terry “Rocky” Cant (Brian Conley) was exposed at Christmas.

Vinny, who has always wanted to be in a relationship with Dotty, offers to help her out in upcoming episodes, but Keegan’s (Zack Morris) interference derails Vinny’s plans.

Could Keegan be attacked by the enraged EastEnders resident?

Vinny is forced to tell his suspicious mother, Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal), that Dotty is staying at the bedsit in upcoming episodes of the BBC soap.

Suki, enraged, tells her son that Dotty must pay or she will be evicted.

He reluctantly informs a disappointed Dotty of the news.

Meanwhile, Sonia is annoyed to see Rocky working out at the gym.

They both stand by and watch as Dotty begs Nancy Carter (Maddy Hill) for a job but is turned down.

Rocky later visits Dotty at Ruby’s, concerned for his “niece,” and offers to help her financially, but he doesn’t have enough.

Dotty is found sleeping in a sleeping bag at the club by Zack Hudson (James Farrar), who reminds her of the alarm system.

He advises her to swallow her pride and approach Sonia, but she refuses.

Dotty asks Vinny if he can help her find a place to stay after a night of sleeping rough in the allotments.

Knowing how much he cares for her, she suggests that if he can find her somewhere, they could try romantically.

Vinny is perplexed by her offer and seeks the advice of Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley), who advises him to take it.

She has no idea, however, that he is referring to the villainous Dotty.

Vinny decides to pay for Dotty’s room and asks her out on a date shortly after.

When the two run into Keegan and Karen at Walford East, it’s a happy accident.

Karen is humiliated to learn that she encouraged Vinny to try things with Dotty.

Later, Keegan pays a visit to Dotty and tells her what’s on his mind.

Is he capable of threatening her?

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