Viewers were looking for romance in addition to the financial drama on Rich House, Poor House.


Viewers were looking for romance in addition to the financial drama on Rich House, Poor House.

RICH HOUSE, POOR HOUSE returned to British television screens tonight, and many viewers were expecting for a little romance to go along with all of the budgeting and life swapping.

Four Londoners swapped houses, budgets, and lives on Channel 5’s Rich House, Poor House.

Dominique, a single mother, worked five jobs and went to school while caring for her 12-year-old daughter Taejah.

Dominque did microblading, worked at a pawn shop, delivered takeout for an Indian restaurant, worked shifts as a daycare center receptionist, and had a side business buying and reselling consumer products online.

“My mother is absolutely a fantastic mother,” Taejah remarked. “She’s a magician.” “Any single mom who works five separate jobs deserves a medal!” Georgia Bowring wrote on Twitter. Millionaire entrepreneur Leonard and his cousin Brian were on the other side of the wealth divide.

Content and mentoring were two of the online entrepreneur’s enterprises.

It’s difficult to swap lives because millionaire Leonard is more frugal than his cousin when it comes to the weekly shop.

Viewers, on the other hand, were irritated by the store selection.

“When they go grocery shopping, why don’t you see any of them go to a supermarket?” Georgia Bowring wondered. They’re usually going to small corner stores!?” “Why do they all use corner shops?” wrote user joisnotgrey. In a store, I could have had at least five decent meals for two people for £10.” “Why not go to huge supermarkets?” Philippa McLeod added. Dominique was also frustrated by the organic store’s costs.

She found it difficult to part with five pounds for a loaf of bread.

In order to assist Dominique, Leonard and his cousin set out on a journey to learn everything they could about her.

Leonard hoped to make a difference by learning everything they could about microblading and offered Dominique assistance through his mentorship program.

He also promised to assist her in developing a brand.

“These two gentlemen are arguably the nicest people to have appeared on this show,” Twitter user Easter Bunny commented. “Way to go, boys!” Viewers, on the other hand, were expecting more.

“Is it only me who wants Leonard and Dominique to get together?” wrote user Leanne.

“I was hoping there might be some romance between Dominique and Leonard,” Lisa Kelly concurred.

“I think Leonard and Dominique had chemistry,” Charlie wrote. They ought to get together!”


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