Viewers slam Countryfile’s deer ‘culling’ segment, calling it “f*****g sickening!”


Viewers slam Countryfile’s deer ‘culling’ segment, calling it ‘f*****g sickening!’

On Sunday night, viewers of COUNTRYFILE took to Twitter to express their displeasure with a segment on the show about deer destroying farms.

On Sunday night, Countryfile viewers were treated to Adam Henson reporting on the damage deer can cause to farms.

During the coronavirus pandemic, less venison was consumed, resulting in less deer hunting and an increase in their population, according to the BBC’s presenter.

However, viewers were outraged when Adam talked to a landowner who suggested shooting deer to control the population.

“Their meat, venison, I think is delicious,” Adam said when asked about the deer population increase.

“However, with restrictions on eating out during the pandemic, far less of it was consumed.

He explained, “This means there have been a lot less deer hunted, and their population has exploded.”

Later, Adam spoke with Mike Robinson, a deer manager in the south of England who oversees 35,000 acres of deer.

“I believe the number of deer in the UK has increased by 30% in the last 20 months,” Mike said.

Adam pointed out that deer have been trampling the habitats of smaller mammals and birds, implying that the increased population could jeopardize biodiversity.

Adam inquired, “So, what’s the answer? How can those numbers be controlled?”

“With a rifle, a highly trained professional deer manager.”

Mike remarked, “It’s the most humane way to do it.”

Viewers quickly took to Twitter to express their feelings about the segment, which many found to be divisive.

“So this week (hashtag)countryfile is now promoting the shooting of deer from a guy who just happens to sell venison while pretending it’s about land management,” the Vegan Separatist wrote.

This show is f*****g revolting.

“@BBCCountryfile” is a Twitter handle for BBC Countryfile.

“(hashtag)Countryfile the deer are walking around the forests, treading on the floor and nibbling trees – so we’ll have to shoot and eat them,” Iam.phil commented.

“My god,” Matt Naylor said.

Deer are wreaking havoc on farms, so we must shoot them.

What exactly are you talking about?

“Havoc is chopping down a few oil seed rape stalks? Get a life.”

“(hashtag)Countryfile blaming deer for destroying our biodiversity is a little rich,” Natalie Bailey wrote on Twitter.

“We’ve decimated it pretty well on our own.”

“The BBC getting someone with a monetary interest in people eating venison to persuade us that we need to shoot and eat deer for their own good,” Mark Johnson added.

Exceptional b*****s.

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