Viewers of University Challenge blast Jeremy Paxman’s lack of enthusiasm, calling him ‘disappointing.’


UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE viewers have expressed their annoyance on Monday night after host Jeremy Paxman seemed far from bothered about hosting the show.

University Challenge host Jeremy Paxman came under fire on Monday night and was branded “disappointing” whilst hosting the show. After introducing the two teams Birmingham and Sussex, to the show, Paxman cracked on with the questions. However, fans were left less than impressed with the host’s attitude.

Taking to Twitter, Harry Adams wrote: “Paxman just proper can’t be a***d anymore can he #UniversityChallenge.”

Hammy also commented: “Jeremy Paxman has spent the whole episode looking so disappointed #UniversityChallenge.”

“When can we replace Jeremy Paxman?” Jess added.

However, the beloved BBC Two host revealed that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease earlier this year.

Retracting his tweet, Harry Adams said: “Have just found out he’s suffering from Parkinson’s, so I fully retract any ill will from that.”

Introducing the two teams, Paxman appeared to look solemn as he looked straight into the camera, expressionless.

“Hello, there are two challenges facing the teams playing this match: the final contest in round one,” he said.

“The first is simply to win and get through to the second round, the second is for the losing team to score of at least 140.

“Doing so will guarantee that they return for the losers playoffs for the final places in that next round,” he explained.

Throughout Monday’s show, Paxman simply asked the questions and accepted the contestant’s answers without engaging in any conversation.

Some thought this was odd behaviour for Paxman, as he is known for having some conversations with the players and at times bantering them.

A few weeks ago, the game show host teased the team after asking them: “During the same year also saw the release of the first Sonic the Hedgehog game, on which game console?”

After the contestants correctly answered, Paxman, joked: “Who’d have thought time-wasting could be so useful?”

Jeremy also ended up snapping at the teams to “answer promptly” before reading out the next question.

He went on to have a go at a contestant for giving a longer answer than he had asked for when reading out the question.

After the team replied with a longer answer than he asked for, he exclaimed: “No, it’s cold fusion, we did ask for a two-word term, and you gave a three-word term.”

The former. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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