Viewers of The John Bishop Show are enraged after the comedian “spoils the Masked Singer result.”


Viewers of The John Bishop Show are enraged after the comedian “spoils the Masked Singer result.”

After many Covid-19-shaped roadblocks, The John Bishop Show has finally debuted on ITV.

John Bishop, a comedian, has transitioned into a primetime chat show host.

On Saturday night, The John Bishop Show, the TV star’s brand new show, finally premiered.

It started off with a bang as the comedian began cracking jokes right away, but not everyone at home was impressed by the jokes he chose for the evening.

John star down with Cold Feet actor James Nesbitt and comedian Sarah Millican with celebrity guests, topical discussion, and buckets of humour.

He shoots the show the morning before it airs, which allows him to discuss timely topics.

However, viewers were quick to criticize the show for spending too much time discussing the coronavirus pandemic, while others questioned how John managed to talk about The Masked Singer UK results when his show was pre-recorded and not live.

Some viewers even described it as “painful” to watch.

“Comedians think they’re funny making covid jokes, but it actually makes me puke (John Bishop on ITV) immediately turned over!” one person wrote on Twitter.

“@ITV, why did John Bishop just spoil the result of Masked Singer?” someone else wondered.

“Jesus Christ,” wrote another reader.

Everyone in the audience was wearing masks, and he just told us that all of the evidence supports this.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa

“It was turned off right away.”

“Not watched (hashtag)TheMaskedSinger tonight and was going to watch it tomorrow but watching @JohnBishop100 who told everyone who went out and who it was, that’s that ruined then,” someone else commented.

“This isn’t live, so I guess John was told the results of (hashtag)TheMaskedSinger early by ITV,” another viewer speculated.


John’s show was supposed to premiere much sooner than 2022, but the pandemic put a stop to it – but as of Saturday, January 8, the quick-witted comedian is back on track.

John, the show’s host and comedian, took to Twitter to confirm the premiere of the first episode, posting four photos from the show with a touching caption that read: “Its finally happened.

Tonight at 9.30pm on @ITV and @WeAreSTV, the brilliant @SarahMillican75 and James Nesbitt will appear on the John Bishop show.

“We were supposed to do this two years ago, but a virus got in the way! I’m overjoyed with the first show!”

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