Viewers of Rich House, Poor House are ‘tearful’ as a family of six survives on £80 a week: ‘It’s very depressing.’


Viewers of Rich House, Poor House are ‘tearful’ as a family of six survives on £80 a week: ‘It’s very depressing.’

Tonight, Channel 5 broadcasted the latest episode of RICH HOUSE, POOR HOUSE. One family found it more difficult to adjust as their lifestyles were exchanged.

Rich House, Poor House was back on TV tonight with a fresh episode. It followed two wealthy families as they temporarily switched lifestyles.

According to the episode, families with children have been hurt the worst by the wealth gap.

The most recent episode focused on two families, each of whom had four children.

The Goodale D’Amores family was introduced to the audience.

Johnny ran a prosperous construction company, whereas Gemma ran a thriving accounting firm.

This allowed the family to reside in a million-pound property in Peterborough with their four children.

The Gordon family was also introduced in this episode.

The six-person family lived in a three-bedroom Bedford council house.

They were surviving on universal credit after dad Solomon lost his job as a care worker during the pandemic.

For one week, both families exchanged lifestyles, living in each other’s homes on the other’s budget.

They were both taken aback as they acclimated to life on opposing sides of the wealth spectrum.

After paying their bills, the Gordon family revealed that they only had £80.12 each week to spend.

The Goodale D’Amores, on the other hand, had £1,652.37 to spend each week.

As Gemma and Johnny struggled to adjust to the reduced budget, they expressed their frustration.

“I found it incredibly hard compared to Johnny, he was being more harsh,” Gemma said during a trip to a local convenience store.

Viewers took to social media as the show progressed to express their opinions.

One person chastised the decision to spend the reduced amount at a local store.

“Why don’t the ‘poor house’ families shop at a supermarket?” they wrote. Local stores are more expensive.”

“Watching Rich House Poor House usually gets me a little teary,” another expressed their sympathies.

“It simply goes to show that not everyone who is poor is poor because they are lazy, but because they were dealt a bad hand in life.”

“I’m watching affluent house against poor house and it’s very sad,” said another.

“The poor have about £50 a week to spend on themselves and their four children. It saddens me greatly.”


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