Viewers of Masked Singer ‘rumble’ over Doughnuts’ true identity as an ITV This Morning chef.


Viewers of Masked Singer ‘rumble’ over Doughnuts’ true identity as an ITV This Morning chef.

The Masked Singer UK viewers believe they’ve figured out who’s behind Doughnuts’ disguise, with many speculating that TV chef James Martin could be the mystery man.

This Saturday, The Masked Singer UK returned to our screens, and the entire country came together to guess who was behind the masks and elaborate costumes.

Doughnuts performed a Spice Girls anthem and immediately got viewers at home talking, with a large number of people identifying the person in the costume as James Martin, the ITV This Morning Chef.

“Donut could be James Martin! He sounds Northern (hashtag)TheMaskedSinger,” a Twitter user speculated.

“Doughnuts could be James Martin (hashtag)TheMaskedSinger,” another person speculated.

“(hashtag)TheMaskedSinger donut is James Martin the chef shown in the clues,” a third person explained.

“I know EXACTLY who this is,” a fourth person commented.

Chef, singer, dancer, motor sports fanatic, chef for the Queen Mum as a child, chef on the Big Breakfast set in the big house, man of many talents.

Martin, James.”

Someone else predicted another TV star, writing: “Doughnuts, I thought Paul Hollywood, but now I think James Martin, it sounded like his voice at the end!”

Although many people believe James Martin is behind the disguise, others speculated that it could be Michael Owen, a famous footballer.

“You can tell it’s Michael Owen just by hearing him speak,” one person said.

MaskedSingerUK (hashtag)

“I’ve never been more sure of anything than Donuts being Michael Owen,” someone else wrote.

MaskedSingerUK (hashtag)

“Doughnuts is Michael Owen,” a third predicted.

I’m absolutely certain of it! (hashtag)TheMaskedSinger.”

Doughnuts was rescued and will sing once more, indicating that we are still a long way from discovering who is behind the mask.

But who do you think lurks beneath the doughnut-covered costume?

Firework and Lionfish battled it out in the final round of the night before one of the stars was unmasked on stage, sparking speculation about the sweet and sugary character.

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