Viewers of Limitless Win’switch off’ after Ant and Dec’s new quiz: ‘Totally confused.’


Viewers of Limitless Win’switch off’ as Ant and Dec’s new quiz, ‘Totally confused,’ is slammed.

On Saturday night, ITV viewers were left “confused” by ANT AND DEC’S LIMITLESS WIN, with many struggling to understand the new quiz show’s format.

Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly’s Limitless Win debuted on Saturday night, with Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly guiding contestants through a series of numerical-themed questions.

Will and Kathryn, two new ITV game show contestants, were welcomed by the hosts.

As they attempted to climb the limitless money ladder, the couple worked their way through a series of questions.

Some home viewers, on the other hand, admitted to being “confused” by the new quiz format.

Ant and Dec introduced the show by stating that the contestants could make “TV history” by climbing the inexhaustible money ladder.

The hosts revealed that the players have a chance to win the biggest cash prize ever seen on British television.

“Hello and welcome to Limitless Win, the show where contestants can make TV history,” Dec said at the start of the show.

“That’s because they’re going to have to face the Limitless Ladder,” Ant continued.

“It’s there, and it’s quite a sight.”

Millions, millions, millions, millions, millions, millions, millions, millions, millions, millions, millions, millionaires

“It just keeps going up,” he observed.

“Right now, our contestants are feeling the tension backstage,” Dec said.

Contestants compete in pairs, answering questions to try to climb an endless money ladder.

The players can bank the money if they answer a question correctly, but if they continue up the ladder and answer another question incorrectly, they will lose their current jackpot.

Unfortunately, viewers quickly complained that the quiz was too difficult.

Many people took to Twitter to discuss the new game show format.

@artbecomesyou tweeted, “Switching to (hashtag)TheWheel now because wtf is this format on (hashtag)LimitlessWin about?”

@CliveinEngland wrote, “(hashtag)LimitlessWin only watched 10 minutes and already completely perplexed and driven to drink.”

“They haven’t explained anything about this ladder, going over time, etc (hashtag)LimitlessWin,” @Matts_Tweeting continued.

@ratcliff_jake wrote, “(hashtag)LimitlessWin this format is incredibly complicated! Wtf is going on? It’s easier to understand Only Connect!”

“This game show is extremely perplexing.

It’s a complete disaster.

And it continues for far too long.

“Switched off (hashtag)LimitlessWin,” tweeted @ChrisDeityUK.

However, not everyone agreed, with some viewers calling the new show “enthralling.”

“(hashtag)LimitlessWin is very addictive and gripping once you get the hang of it,” @Stefan_Doyle said.

“The sign of a great game show is when you,” @samiarna added.

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