Viewers of Countryfile slam the ‘boring’ fuel poverty debate, saying, ‘Stop moaning.’


‘Stop moaning,’ say Countryfile viewers, referring to the ‘boring’ fuel poverty debate.

After watching Tom Heap present a segment about rising energy costs on COUNTRYFILE on Sunday night, viewers were enraged.

On Sunday’s episode of the BBC show Countryfile, Tom Heap discussed the difficulties of living off the grid.

The presenter looked into rising fuel costs and how they are affecting rural residents.

Some viewers, however, took to Twitter to express their displeasure with the segment.

“With shorter days and longer winter nights, many of us are balancing keeping warm while keeping our energy bills low,” Tom began.

“On top of that, we’re all dealing with higher fuel prices, and homes out in the country are often older and poorly insulated, making it even more difficult to keep the cold at bay.”

“Household energy bills are estimated to have increased by more than £230 on average last year, with some forecasting another 50% increase in the next 12 months.”

“It’s not just those on the gas grid who are suffering.”

Over four million households in the UK are off-grid, relying on oil, liquid gas, and coal,” he explained.

Tom spoke with dressage rider Stephanie Croxford about the challenges of living off the grid.

She explained that her home serves as a training ground for her, but Tom pointed out that “international sport does not always pay the fuel bills.”

Tom inquired, “How challenging is it to heat the house?”

“It’s incredibly difficult,” Stephanie responded.

Because my husband is currently working from home due to covid, you must heat the house, which you would not normally do in normal circumstances.

“It has an impact on all of us.”

She went on to say, “It’s the realization that everyone is struggling.”

Many viewers, however, were enraged by the segment and took to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

@fuzzle7777 fumed, “If I wanted to watch boring stuff about household bills, I could watch Martin Lewis instead!”

“Rich people trying to keep warm (hashtag)countryfile,” said @RobSpontaneous.

Others, on the other hand, suggested that Stephanie could handle rising fuel costs in a variety of ways.

@tonester_trader suggested, “Hack some trees and buy a woodburner (hashtag)countryfile.”

@oldcelt1 wondered aloud, “(hashtag)Countryfile wind turbines? Solar panels?”

@silvergold1972 commented, “Haven’t heard of these things called jobs love, where you get paid and they pay you money?”

“(hashtag)countryfile get a job like the rest of us have to,” tweeted @heifer666.

“Put on an extra jumper and stop moaning (hashtag)countryfile,” @Dr_DavidBanner said.


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