Viewers are outraged because ITV isn’t working across the UK, and shows and the website are unavailable.


Viewers are outraged because ITV isn’t working across the UK, and shows and the website are unavailable.

On Monday afternoon, ITV appeared to be down, with many fans venting their frustrations on social media.

On Monday afternoon, many ITV fans flocked to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the company’s television networks. The troubles began about 3.20 p.m., according to DownDetector, and are affecting viewers across the UK.

Although 90% of viewers stated they were having problems with live broadcasts, it remains unclear what caused the channel to crash.

10% of viewers stated they were unable to access the ITV Hub.

Disgruntled viewers flocked to social media to vent their frustrations about the channel’s outage.

“ITV is down,” Jeff raged. If you’re looking for #ClassicCorrie, you’re out of luck! This is going to be a pretty bad day.” “Ah well, bye bye ITV,” Mike remarked. “@ITV,” Marion inquired. Why are there so many ITV channels? There is no picture, but there is sound. #itvdown HD channel 3 ok.” (sic) “ITV has gone down so much interference,” Trev continued, “and there has been no notification to tell us why.” “ITV NOT WORKING,” Alex simply wrote. “I don’t get ITV at all.” “Everything is pixelated,” Shaz observed.

Brexit, according to one viewer named Theresa, is to blame for the technical difficulties. “ITV appears to be down,” she wrote. Brexit is a b*****!” “ITV is experiencing major technical difficulties. A large portion of their network is down. I’m curious as to who they’ve irritated…” Chris cracked a joke.

“We apologies for the loss in picture quality experienced by viewers viewing ITV on Freeview (standard definition) this afternoon,” an ITV representative said in response to the anger on social media. These viewers’ service has been restored.” When viewers tuned in to witness France vs. Switzerland in the Euro 2020 tournaments in June, ITV experienced a technical issue.

Frustrated customers took to social media at the moment to vent their frustrations about the ITV app not working.

The official Twitter account of the ITV hub published a statement informing users that they were aware of the problems.

“We are currently experiencing technical difficulties and are striving to restore services as quickly as possible,” their tweet read.

Channels 4 and 5 fell off the air last month when the transmission center of the networks was evacuated.

On-demand services such as More4 were also affected, preventing many fans from watching their favorite shows.

A spokesman told This website that they were doing everything they could to get the broadcasters back up and running.

“To discourage speculation, we will. “Brinkwire Summary News,” the statement read.


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