Viewers are distracted by the singer’s appearance, which is described as “like a gigantic toilet roll cover” on Strictly 2021.


Viewers are distracted by the singer’s appearance, which is described as “like a gigantic toilet roll cover” on Strictly 2021.

On Sunday night, viewers of STRICTLY COME DANCING were distracted by singer Griff’s strange costume choice.

On Sunday night, followers of Strictly Come Dancing went in to BBC One to watch the results program. The evening featured a performance by singer Griff in addition to revealing which celebrity will be departing the competition. The pop artist performed on the stage before the results were announced, yet her performance drew the attention of many viewers.

On the show, the actress wore a long yellow gown that disguised a platform she was standing on.

Viewers were quick to react on the singer’s strange costume on Twitter, with some comparing it to a toilet paper roll cover.

“Generic sounds coming from gal on stilts wearing a large toilet roll cover,” @mr chambers_ wrote. #StrictlyComeDancing #SCD #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing” “I’m watching the #Strictly results program and I think I’ve figured out where the country’s toilet paper supply is hidden.” Mr. #Griff, “@redfacts has been added.

“Has she have a toilet roll under there?” joked @pmw1968. #Strictly.” “Perhaps she’s hiding a large toilet paper roll under there.” #StrictlyStrictlyStrictlyStrictlyStric “@the questmaster expressed his thoughts.

Others, on the other hand, thought Griff’s yellow clothing looked like something delicious.

These remind me of my grandmother’s bathroom. There’s a giant toilet roll under there, I believe. #StrictlyComeDancing “Must be #Strictly week, with Griff dressed as a pineapple and Shirley as a zucchini…” @MadameMinge made a comment.

“Reminds me, I need to get some corn on the cob #strictly, ” “@sdfpk made a joke.

Meanwhile, some people were more interested in Griff’s performance of her hit song One Night.

In the historic ballroom, she sang the pop song while two Strictly pros danced.

Griff’s performance was promptly panned by viewers, with some implying that her singing abilities were lacking.

“That Griff, he’s a terrible singer.” Every note is forced out. #StrictlyStrictlyStrictlyStrictlyStric “@linannlum penned an article.

“Is it just me or does Griff sound incredibly off and out of key/breath on #Strictly?” tweeted @chatterbear. It’s probably simply anxiety; it’s one of the most important televised appearances!” “Absolutely dreadful performance by @wiffygriffy today on #Strictly,” @karengorst tweeted. “I love her music but that performance was awful.”

Presenter Tess Daly announced the results of the public vote after Griff’s performance, revealing that Nina Wadia was in the bottom two against Katie McGlynn.

Nina and her partner Neil Jones were eliminated from the competition after competing in the dreaded dance-off.

The competition will resume the following week with “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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