Viewers are angry when a blind student is asked “terrible” questions that are “very unjust.”


Viewers are angry when a blind student is asked “terrible” questions that are “very unjust.”

On Monday night’s program, THE CHASE received a lot of backlash from viewers after they supported a blind participant.

On Monday evening, Bradley Walsh’s ITV game show The Chase returned, with four participants stepping forward to take on the task. Jen, Josh, Phil, and Lesley saw Mark Labbett in person, but fans were angry when blind student Josh was subjected to “unfair” questions.

Josh was the second contender to face ‘The Beast,’ Mark Labbett, in the first round, when he was able to create a £5,000 bankroll.

Mark then made Josh a lower offer of £1,000 since he was “feeling charitable,” as well as a higher bid of £50,000, but Josh chose to stay with his original offer of $5,000.

“At the start of a snooker frame, which ball is put furthest away from the player?” Bradley questioned Josh.

Josh had three options: pink, black, or blue, and he chose pink while admitting he didn’t know much about snooker.

The correct answer was black, and The Chaser was one step closer to Josh after getting it right.

Mark swiftly caught up to Josh and was only one question away from getting him out of the previous tournament.

“In December 2019, which of these was a piece of art for around 120,000 dollars at Art Basil, Miami Beach?” Josh was asked.

Josh chose the second option, which consisted of a banana taped to a wall, an apple affixed to the floor, and a pear glued to the ceiling.

He said he didn’t know the answer, which was quickly shown to be a banana tied to a wall.

“Is he going to know it?” Bradley asked Jen, a fellow participant. “It’s a question about food, so he definitely does,” Jen quips quickly.

The topics are thought to have been picked at random, with eight question writers from various backgrounds in control of the questions.

Josh was eliminated from the competition after the Beast chose the correct answer; nevertheless, supporters rose in support of the youngster, claiming that the questions did not take into account his vision impairment.

“To all the skeptics and doubters who believe this hashtag is cruel, this is one of those rare instances when we all come together in support of one.”Brinkwire Summary News,” one wrote.


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