Victoria Sugden was shot by Wendy’s abusive ex-boyfriend Russ in Emmerdale.


Victoria Sugden was shot by Wendy’s abusive ex-boyfriend Russ in Emmerdale.

When newcomer Russ holds Victoria Sudgen and Wendy Posner captive at gunpoint in a horrific siege, EMMERDALE viewers will be terrified.

Russ (Rob Jarvis), Wendy’s (Susan Cookson) aggressive ex-husband, has lately arrived in Emmerdale wanting money after his mother’s death. Russ has been pestering Wendy to give him thousands of pounds after his mother left everything in her will to Victoria’s (Isabel Hodgins) kid Harry. Victoria is completely unaware of Russ’ attempt to defraud her grandchild. In a later episode, though, Russ loses patience and pulls a gun on Wendy and Victoria.

Next week on the ITV soap, Victoria will learn the truth about Russ’ visit to Emmerdale, a truth that could lead to her death.

Russ tells Wendy he’s on the run after shooting a police officer during an armed robbery of a jewelry store.

Wendy rapidly discovers that her ex-husband is far more dangerous than she could have imagined.

Wendy agrees to persuade Victoria to hand over the money when Russ demands it, but she is immediately dissatisfied with herself.

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Wendy had no idea that Russ has a sawn-off shotgun in the boot of his car as a backup plan.

Victoria tells Russ the next day that he’ll have the money by lunchtime, and he appears to be overjoyed.

Wendy comes at the Hide, compelled by her guilty conscience, and advises Victoria not to give Russ any money.

Wendy chooses to tell Victoria how Russ is blackmailing her with a secret that could ruin her life. Victoria is perplexed by her change of heart.

Before Wendy can reveal the hidden knowledge to Victoria, Russ enters, seeking answers as to why the money he requested has not arrived.

In Russ’ clutches, the two women find themselves imprisoned and defenseless.

Victoria is appalled when she learns that Russ was willing to blackmail Wendy in order to defraud his grandson, Harry.

When she tries to phone the cops, Russ reaches into his coat pocket and takes the revolver out.

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