Victoria Derbyshire’s BBC co-star has been’rescued’ after missing a live segment due to being stuck in a lift.


Victoria Derbyshire’s BBC co-star was’saved’ after missing a live segment due to being stuck in a lift.

VICTORIA DERBYSHIRE has documented her colleague Martine Croxall’s rescue from a lift at the BBC studios after she became trapped earlier today.

Victoria Derbyshire, a BBC newsreader, exhaled a sigh of relief today after her colleague was rescued from a lift at the broadcasting house.

Martine Croxall, 52, told how she was trying to be rescued in time for her live hosting segment before revealing that she was rescued from Radio One’s lift by four men.

Four security guards came to my rescue!

Croxall Martine

Martine revealed that due to her 31,400 followers, the segment would have to go on without her because she was ill.

“Due on air at 11am but stuck in lift so you may have to start without me…(hashtag)BBCNews,” she wrote on Twitter.

She went on to say that she was being rescued by a senior BBC producer.

Martine added, “@Daveabpearson is trying to save me.”

From inside the lift, the presenter posted a photo of herself wearing a mask.

Victoria, a BBC newsreader, shared her co-star’s plea for help with her 161,300 Twitter followers, writing, “standing by Martine.”

Martine announced that the rescue mission had been successful and that she had been released in a half-hour update.

“I’ve been rescued by four security men!” she exclaimed.

“They had to force the doors open, and just to be sure, I’m taking the stairs.”

“Breaking: Martine tells me she’s just been freed by ‘4 security guards who prised the doors open,'” Victoria also shared the news.

Martine’s supporters expressed their relief that she had been rescued in the comments section after the BBC presenter was rescued.

“Given these lifts’ reliability, maybe fitting them with a camera and autocue might be wise,” Justin Ayres wrote.

Others wondered if she was with Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Housing, who was also stuck in a lift at the BBC today.

“Count your blessings, at least it’s not with Michael Gove,” Mets69_86 said.

“I’m hoping you’ll be free soon!!”

“I would get advice from Michael Gove… probably the only advice I would seek from him,” Dace Carter added, along with a winking face emoji.

“Was it the same lift that attempted to take Michael Gove off the air?” George Sivell inquired of Martine.

Martine, on the other hand, stated emphatically that it was not the case.

“Not at all,” says the speaker.

“Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”

I’ve been rescued by four security men!

Martine Croxall


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