Victoria Beckham screams at David Beckham at a Harper’s event, ‘You’re supposed to be helping!’


Victoria Beckham screams at David Beckham at a Harper’s event, ‘You’re supposed to be helping!’

VICTORIA BECKHAM slammed her husband David for eating the cakes at his daughter’s cake sale.

Victoria Beckham, 47, shared a photo of her daughter Harper Seven’s bake sale to raise money for Filozoikos Dog Rescue on Instagram.

Victoria moaned at David Beckham, 46, for eating the cakes, and things didn’t go as smoothly as she had hoped.

You’re supposed to be assisting others.

Victoria Beckham is a British actress and model.

In front of her 29.2 million Instagram followers, Victoria shared the videos on her Instagram story.

“Charity bake sale for Filozoikos Dog Rescue! Proud of you Harper,” the fashion designer captioned a photo of Harper with her cakes at the event.

“Made by Harper (with a little help from the rest of the Beckham family),” she captioned a photo of a poster Harper had finished with the help of the family.

Before posting a video of David, the former Spice Girl showed her fans a video of the lavish cake spread.

Before Victoria asks what he’s doing, David can be seen behind the cake stand about to bite into a cake.

“Is someone eating more… you’re supposed to be helping at the cake sale David!” she wrote to him.

“I am, I am!” David replied.

The camera then zooms in on David’s face as he blindly swallows the entire cake in one bite.

“@davidbeckham eating more than he’s selling,” she wrote in the caption for the video.

“David, remember the dogs!”

Victoria updates her family on a regular basis, with the fashion designer posting yesterday about David teaching Harper how to boil an egg.

Victoria captured the sweet moment and joked that she was glad Harper was learning from her husband and not from her.

Breakfast with the Beckhams features Harper in her school uniform helping her father prepare breakfast.

Harper seemed ecstatic to be learning something new as David wrapped his arm around her and kissed her on the cheek.

Like Tik Tok sensation Salt Bae, David ended the short clip by sprinkling a little salt in the pan.

Yesterday, the former footballer shared a video of on his Instagram account.

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