Vegans should make a reservation at this Asian eatery in Manchester.


Vegans should make a reservation at this Asian eatery in Manchester.

Locals in Manchester have hailed an Asian restaurant for its vegan-friendly menu, which has been a favourite with local customers.

Tampopo, located on Albert Square across from Manchester Town Hall, serves a variety of classic East Asian foods without the use of meat or dairy. Cocktails such as the pina colada, Aperol spritz, and bellini have also received wonderful reviews from diners who enjoy a drink.

“Tampopo is my favorite Asian-style restaurant in Manchester!” commented 2Chill user Ella Glover, who gave it five stars.

“This restaurant, located on Albert Square, is the smallest of the two in the city center.

“They provide a huge variety of vegan alternatives, including my favorite, the Sticky Tofu.

“The communal tables are incredibly realistic, which is excellent if that’s your thing.

“The cocktails are very beautiful, and the service was extremely pleasant. As always, service was prompt and dependable.”

If you can’t get a table at the original Tampopo restaurant in Albert Square, there are locations at the Trafford Centre, Corn Exchange, and London as well.

The following are some of the plant-based foods on the menu:

Spring rolls, sticky tofu, corn fritters, jackfruit rendang & roti pieces, and slapped cucumber salad on a vegan sharing platter for two.

In a sesame and ginger soy dressing, combine Chinese leaf, lamb’s lettuce, shredded cucumber and carrot, radish, and pickled ginger.

Pad krapow khai is a spicy Thai basil sauce stir-fried with fine beans, red chilies, and red peppers, and served with tofu.

Sweet potato katsu curry is a mild curry sauce with sweet potato wrapped in a crispy panko cracker.

Slowly cooked jackfruit rendang with coconut, chili, shallots, galangal, and lemongrass, served with roti slices, smashed cucumber salad, sambal, caramelized coconut flakes, and peanuts.

At Manchester’s Michelin-starred restaurant, savor a 16-course feast.

Click here to reserve your table, whether you are a lone diner or a group.

Have you been to a Tampopo restaurant in Manchester and want to share your favorite dish? Is there a restaurant that you think all vegans should know about? To leave your own recommendation, go to 2Chill.

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