Vanessa Lachey’s action moments in ‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ Episode 4 have been praised by fans.


‘Paniolo’ sees Tennant switch to action mode when she faces off against a bunch of goons on ATVs cool as a cucumber

This article contains spoilers for ‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ Episode 4 ‘Paniolo’

Twitter was all praise for Vanessa Lachey’s character Special agent Jane Tennant after her action-packed performance in ‘Paniolo’, the fourth episode of ‘NCIS: Hawai’i’. The latest outing sees her and the rest of the team tackle a dangerous gang of drug dealers as they hunt for a kid after a deal goes sour.

‘Paniolo’ sees Tennant switch to action mode when she faces off against a bunch of goons on ATVs and guns and also effortlessly rides a horse up a mountain in order to rescue the kid and the father who seem to have taken matters into their own hands. Fans on social media gave a thumbs-up when they saw the sequences.”You are great on the horse! I love this scene! Have you gone horse riding before filming this scene? Looks like you have some experience. #NCISHawaii,” one of the fans asked.

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“Tonight’s episode of #NCISHawaii was awesome @VanessaLachey and i loved it and that was a nice cowboy dance scene at the end!!” said one of the fans. Talking about one of the action scenes, one of the fans wrote: “That was a cool Tennant moment. She has real grit! #NCISHawaii.” “This was an awesome scene, Vanessa and you did an awesome job!! #NCISHawaii,” remarked a fan. One of the scenes sees Tennant practically toy with the dealers. “Jane made his men second guess shooting her with the mere mention of getting a life sentence and they all hesitated. Oh man, that was good!! Excellent shot too #NCISHawaii,” one of the tweets read.


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