Using ‘budget decorating tricks,’ a homeowner changes a drab kitchen for about £250.


Using ‘budget decorating tricks,’ a homeowner changes a drab kitchen for about £250.

A HOUSEHOLDER has spent under £250 to turn her drab kitchen into a lovely pastel-inspired area.

Annabelle Taylor, 26, lives in West Yorkshire with her partner Joe Wyatt, 31. Tired by their drab kitchen, the pair resolved to turn it into a vibrant, pastel paradise for under £250 by employing “a slew of cheap design techniques.” Swyft Home spoke with Annabelle, the owner of the Instagram account, about her spectacular kitchen remodel.

The drab area was transformed into a maximalist’s dream with the help of low-cost design ideas and vintage shopping.

Annabelle loves “bold and eye-catching” things, so she knew decorating her home would be “no different.”

The 26-year-old says she upcycled their Welsh dresser with trial paint pots.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on paint, they were able to change the wooden dresser for free using the sample paint pots.

Annabelle’s kitchen worktops were a dark wooden material before the change.

Worktop replacement isn’t cheap, but she employed a £28 hack to keep the cost down.

“When we originally moved here, I despised the countertops and thought the area was rather dark, so I really wanted white marble worktops to brighten it up, but that would have cost a fortune,” she explained.

“I got white marble vinyl wrap for £7 a roll and completed the kitchen for £28.”

The tea/coffee station, which was once merely a collection of cupboards, was one of the kitchen’s “largest modifications.”

Despite the kitchen’s large size, the wall cupboards made it appear cramped.

Annabelle wanted to go open-plan, so she adapted her family’s Welsh dresser as a cup and saucer storage system.

She made shelves out of the top of the cabinet, painted them baby pink and pale blue with tester pots.

She then put hooks to the bottoms of the shelves and a splash back to the wall with cheap stick-on floor tiles.

She went on to say, “It has completely opened up and altered the area.”

Annabelle has chosen pastel colors for all of her appliances to match the new design.

A pastel pink coffee maker, pink canisters, and a baby blue kettle are part of the tea and coffee station.

The walls have been painted a delicate pink color as well.

“Brinkwire Summary News” is written on other kitchen walls.


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