‘Used to take the p**s,’ says a newcomer to the Below Deck yachting series.


‘Used to take the p**s,’ says a newcomer to the Below Deck yachting series.

Katie Flood, star of Bravo’s BELOW DECK, is one of the newest members of the sailing team, but she admits she wasn’t always a fan of the Bravo show.

Every season, crew members come and go, and Katie Flood is one of the most recent recruits. Since then, the show has made her renowned, catapulting Flood to stardom. In a recent interview, she said that she wasn’t always on team Below Deck, and that she even derided the show.

Many of the stars of Below Deck have recently joined the cast after years of being fans of the show.

It’s also a show that’s seen some of the sailing crew reach new heights of fame they could never have anticipated, with Kate Chastain and Matthew Shea being two of the most notable instances.

Flood’s popularity has skyrocketed since she joined the show, but she wasn’t always a fan.

Flood admitted in a recent interview with The Spin Off that she “used to accept the p**s.” “not part of the series

“I’m really open about the fact that I used to take the piss out of it, like ‘this isn’t yachting,” Flood admitted.

However, she admitted that she had only viewed a few episodes before deciding to join the cast, claiming that it wasn’t her type of program and that it appeared “a little rough around the edges.” “..

Flood’s path to joining the show is similar to that of many of the other shows’ stars.

She has always been a world traveler, having spent many years exploring the globe.

The celebrity, who was born in New Zealand, began sailing six years ago and quickly progressed through the ranks of the profession, earning a reputation for her perfectionism on deck.

Flood, on the other hand, was originally averse to the challenge, turning down offers from her agent to join the crew of the Lady Michelle for four years.

“For four years, I had a casting agent message me, and I was like, no, no, no,” Flood added.

“Then I got another message on the day I walked off my boat last year, and I was like, screw it, why not?”

It was a global pandemic, and the world was on the verge of collapsing, so I thought, “Let’s just see where this goes.”

Flood was appointed as the “Brinkwire Summary News” in season six of Below Deck Mediterranean.


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