‘Use the no-dig method!’ says the narrator. Daisy Payne offers a natural way to get rid of weeds for good.


‘Use the no-dig method!’ says the narrator. Daisy Payne offers a natural way to get rid of weeds for good.

WEEDS can wreak havoc on your garden and stifle the growth of your favorite plants. Fortunately, there are non-chemical ways to get rid of the insect.

Pesticides are hazardous to the environment and can harm other plants and animals. As a result, the easiest way to get rid of weeds in your garden is to use equipment or natural solutions like lemon juice.

Daisy Payne is a gardening expert who appears on This Morning on a regular basis to share her knowledge with other gardeners.

Daisy talked to Eamonn and Ruth today on how people can get rid of weeds in their gardens.

“It’s critical that we get rid of weeds,” the gardener said, because they can “take over the plants that you love.”

Daisy recommended using the “no dig method” to get rid of weeds.

“One of my favored options [to eliminate weeds]is a truly organic technique, which is the no dig method,” the garden expert stated.

“This is ideal if you have a large space or a veg patch like this, and there are a lot of weeds springing up that you want to get under control.

“There isn’t any excavating to be done. You get some layers of cardboard and lay them down over the weedy region, making sure they are sturdy and there are enough of layers.

“Then it’ll get rid of those weeds,” says the narrator. They will perish because they will be deprived of light and nourishment.

“So that’s a terrific approach to get rid of a lot of weeds in a huge area.”

Daisy went on to explain which weed-removal tools are most effective.

The easiest technique to ensure that weeds don’t keep growing and spreading in your garden is to use a hoe to dig them out from the root.

Daisy explained that perennial weeds, which are “the ones you really want to get rid of,” can be used in this way.

Hoes are inexpensive and may be obtained in gardening centers or even supermarkets.

Daisy, who was hoeing a weed on her yard, remarked, “Dig under there, get that tap root out, and banish it for good.”

Daisy recommended utilizing a natural remedy found in many homes to get rid of patio weeds.

“Lemon juice is one of my top ideas for getting rid of these,” she said.

“It’s also very important to me that you don’t use pesticides in your garden.

“It’s awful for the environment, and it’s bad for.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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