‘Use old newspaper’ to protect your plants from frost and avoid garden’mayhem.’


‘Use old newspaper’ to protect your plants from frost and avoid garden’mayhem.’

Throughout the month of January, frosty mornings and freezing temperatures are expected, so gardeners should take precautions to protect their plants from the elements.

The garden can be particularly damaged by repeated freezing and thawing of plants and shrubs.

Frost can cause damage to plant tissue, and while damaged plants may recover over time, it is best to avoid this.

Crown Pavilions experts recommend that you “put your garden to bed” right now.

Raising and covering plant pots, mulching, tying back branches, and avoiding walking on the grass are all winter garden survival tips.

“Getting the garden ready for winter can be a satisfying process, and it will be worth it when spring arrives and the garden is in good shape,” said a Crown Pavilions spokesperson.

“Many outdoor plants have been left out in the cold to withstand rain, wind, and snow, and will need to be prepared for the extreme weather conditions.”

“Harder plants require little or no winter protection, but sun-loving plants will require some tender loving care to survive the cold.

“In the winter, the weather can wreck havoc on gardens.

Root rot can be caused by heavy rains, and high winds can exacerbate cold damage or cause dehydration.

“By following our advice and preparing your garden now, you’ll give it the best chance of surviving and will be ready to get started in the spring.”

Covering pots is one thing gardeners can do to keep their plants safe from the cold and frost.

“Use old newspaper” or horticultural fleece over the plants, according to Crown Pavilions.

This is a temporary measure to protect them, but it is simple to remove and replace, so it won’t take long to protect them.

Gardeners can also relocate plant pots if they are unsure how the frost will affect them.

“Move plants in pots to a warmer or more sheltered part of the garden, or into a cold greenhouse,” the experts advised.

“It’s recommended to raise them off the ground or store them in a shed in colder parts of the UK before planting them out again in the spring.”

“If you have potted plants, it’s worth thinking about raising them off the ground to avoid waterlogging, freezing, and splitting.

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