Uri Geller believes he will discover the Ark of the Covenant and trigger a “historical earthquake.”


Uri Geller believes he will discover the Ark of the Covenant and set off a “historical earthquake.”

EXCLUSIVE: When famed spoon bender Uri Geller discovers the sacred Ark of the Covenant featured in an Indiana Jones film, he believes he will cause a “historical earthquake never seen in history.”

By discovering the sacred Ark of the Covenant, Uri Geller believes he will cause a “historical earthquake.”

The psychic, who made a name for himself on television by bending spoons with his mind, claims to have had a vision of the ancient religious relic and hopes to begin digging for it later this year.

“I know where the Arc of the Covenant is and I will find it,” the 75-year-old mystic wrote on Twitter.

“It will be a historic tsunami, as well as an archeological and theological earthquake.”

“Yes, my dear friends, the opposition will be massive,” he continued, “but we are talking about a holy item, and nothing will stand in its way of being freed and shocking the world into a biblical historical reality.”

“This will be huge,” Uri said in an exclusive interview with the Brinkwire Sunday.

It will be a once-in-a-lifetime atomic explosion.

“For centuries, people have been searching for this.”

It’s a mystery where it’s hidden.

“However, I am aware of its location.

I was able to watch it from afar.

On each of its four corners are four golden rings.

“I can clearly see it.”

Uri said he couldn’t say where it is, but speculated that it might still be in Israel.

Moses is said to have built the ark after God told him to, and it is one of history’s most mythologized objects.

According to the Bible’s Book of Exodus, it is a pure gold-covered wooden chest with an elaborate lid that holds the two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments.

It is said to have last rested in Jerusalem’s King Solomon’s Temple before being attacked by the Babylonians in 587BC.

It’s still a mystery what happened next.

Archaeologists and treasure hunters have been looking for it, and it is said to have great supernatural powers, which piqued Hitler’s interest.

It has appeared in numerous books and films, including Harrison Ford’s 1980 blockbuster Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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Uri discovered a 19th-Century Soap Factory beneath the building where he was working in 2018.

The news is summarized on Brinkwire.


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