Update on Splitgate servers: When will Splitgate servers be available today? It’s downtime at the moment.


Update on Splitgate servers: When will Splitgate servers be available today? It’s downtime at the moment.

The Splitgate servers are now unavailable, but they will be back up and running soon.

For some, the Splitgate servers are still offline or inaccessible as the development team works to get the game back up on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

According to the most recent information on the situation, some modes are being taken offline while others will continue to operate, with the Splitgate being one of them. “We have disabled 4v4 Ranked due to multiple reported issues,” Twitter confirmed. We’ll have these bugs fixed before tomorrow. Casual matchmaking, custom games, and the rest of the game are unaffected by these issues and continue to function normally.”

“Our servers are being restarted; this will take about 5 minutes. Thank you to everyone for making this an EXTREMELY useful stress test! We’ll be turning off matchmaking for the rest of the night, but you’ll still be able to host/join Custom Games and Races.”

The Splitgate open beta is resuming today across all platforms, and gamers should expect crossplay support. With Splitgate proving to be a popular new shooter, it won’t be long before everyone can relive the Splitgate experience.

Splitgate servers are now down, however they should be back online later today, July 28 in the United Kingdom. Around the same time, the free-to-play shooter should return to the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.

The Splitgate support team has sent out a number of new messages with the latest information on when the servers will be back online.

It doesn’t have a specific release date, but developers 1047 Games had this to say about what’s next:

“The servers are not going online at midnight,” says the narrator (July 26). Tomorrow there will be an upgrade, and servers will be available somewhere in the afternoon. All three platforms are awaiting final approval.

“We’re on Pacific Time, so we’ll be live this afternoon.” We’re just as enthusiastic as you are to play today!

“We have final approval on two of the three platforms and are awaiting final approval on the third, but it is a process over which we have no control.”

“We’re putting the finishing touches on our servers before we open the doors to the public. Because all of the builds have been authorized, you can download the upgrade now, even before the servers go live!

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