UPDATE on New World server status and queue times.


UPDATE on New World server status and queue times.

On Steam, the New World beckons, but fans have been warned about the current server queue times.

: This week, further support is being implemented and planned for players who are having trouble accessing all core features and services in New World.

Following the successful debut of the new MMO, Amazon has confirmed the addition of more server worlds as players continue to flock to the game.

With New World server queue times still a problem, the game’s development team has announced that free server transfers will be available, with Amazon assuring fans today: “Our primary priority right now is to get everyone logging in and playing swiftly.”

“To ensure that everyone can discover an open world now while also finding a long-term home in Aeternum with their community, we’ll provide all players the ability to move their characters to a new server of their choice at no cost in the next two weeks.” We appreciate your patience while the New World community expands, and we encourage you to finalize your long-term server plans for you and your company.”: The New World servers have finally gone live, allowing gamers to begin exploring the undiscovered continent for real. Before the game’s release, Amazon teased that there will be a huge selection of servers to pick from, depending on where you chose to play on the planet.

US East, SA East, EU Central, AP Southeast, and US West are the four main regions to pick from. Each region has a large number of New World servers to select from, which has aided in the growth of the population.

However, Amazon has issued a warning that New World queue times may persist and that there may be disruptions this week. They sent the following statement on Twitter today, disclosing the most recent New World Server Status: “Thank you so much for all of your help on launch day!” We’re aware of the login queues and server issues, and our team is working hard to resolve them so that everyone can play! “I appreciate your patience.” And here’s how Amazon defines the degree of server support provided on New World’s launch day: “Each server can accommodate thousands of gamers at the same time.” We also have more servers in reserve, which we’ll deploy alongside newly constructed servers based on the “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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