Update and hotfix for Destiny 2: Bungie servers and patch maintenance.


Update and hotfix for Destiny 2: Bungie servers and patch maintenance.

DESTINY 2 maintenance has begun and will run little over an hour in order for Bungie to release its latest update and hotfix.

The servers for Destiny 2 went down today, but the good news is that it was all part of Bungie’s September 2 maintenance schedule.

The creators of the popular shooter are releasing a new update and hotfix today to address some of the most vexing issues that have arisen since Season 15 began.

Guardians should be able to log back into the game and begin downloading Bungie’s most recent Destiny 2 update.

The patch notes for today’s modifications are fairly lengthy, and while the development team refers to it as a hotfix, it actually fixes a lot more than a couple of issues.

The following changes are included in today’s official Destiny 2 update and can be found in full below:



Alignment of the Astral

When all Ether Wisps were destroyed, the Ether Collection encounter could soft lock. This has been fixed.

Fixed an issue where objects could be removed while players were taking them out of an activity, causing the activity to soft lock.


The Glass Vault

Atheon would occasionally raise an invisible barrier to prevent Guardians from entering the Vault of Glass. This has been fixed.



In Japanese, Polish, and Russian, the “pre-order” text string for 30th Anniversary wrapped and overlapped the title.

Fixes for Japanese and Polish localization. Hotfix will include a fix for Russian.

In German, the description of Top Tree Dawnblade used the word “Sliding” instead of “Gliding.”

Some players were unable to discard Solstice key fragments due to a bug.

Players who still have Solstice key fragments in their inventory can now disassemble the entire stack from their inventory screen.

Toasts to new and old Bungie friends are no longer played before character choosing.

Fixed an issue where various Roster displays didn’t always show when a player on your Bungie Friends list had been blocked.



Fixed a problem that prevented players from changing Lucky Pants’ armor energy type.

Global Reach’s cost has been reduced to three energy.

The Fire and Ice artifact mod spawned fewer Wells than intended due to a bug.

Season 15 Iron Banner armor sets and the new “Brinkwire Summary News” were not working due to a bug.


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