Under Her Full Masked Met Gala Look, Kim Kardashian Surprisingly Wore Makeup.


Under Her Full Masked Met Gala Look, Kim Kardashian Surprisingly Wore Makeup.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Met Gala is seeing what all of the celebrities wear when they walk the red carpet. Kim Kardashian West’s faceless look in her classic Balenciaga suit, which didn’t show a single inch of skin and grabbed headlines almost immediately, is one of the ensembles that people can’t stop talking about this year.

There was a lot of conjecture surrounding the costume, with some fans speculating that it wasn’t even Kardashian West, and others wondering how she was able to see as she walked up the famed stairwell to the event.

One thing is certain: a look like that wouldn’t take long for the typical individual to achieve.

After all, because no extras are required, all that is required is to simply put on the garments.

However, in true Kardashian West flair, the reality star appears to have gone all out. Let’s speak about how, despite her full-masked Met Gala look, Kim Kardashian West was wearing makeup.

Underneath her full-masked Met Gala ensemble, Kim Kardashian West was surprisingly applying makeup.

Kardashian West is known for her love of cosmetics, and she is rarely seen without it on very rare occasions. It was easy for people to believe that she didn’t have to worry about her makeup artist creating a stunning look on the night of the Met Gala, but that was not the case.

She didn’t keep it a secret for long, either, with Mario Dedivanovic, her makeup artist, posting a shot of her all glammed up on Instagram with the comment “Behind the mask.” He utilized La Mer, KKW Beauty (of course), and his own Makeup by Mario line to make sure Kardashian West was perfectly prepared for the big night – even if no one could see her! Kim Kardashian West’s Met Gala outfit is one of a kind. In case you missed it, the queen of reality TV wore a one-of-a-kind ensemble to the Met Gala this year.

According to BuzzFeedNews, Kardashian West wore an all-black Balenciaga ensemble that covered her entire face and was in keeping with the event’s theme of “American Independence.”

Tights, a short skirt, long sleeves, and a matching mask and train were all part of the over-the-top ensemble. The majority of individuals were taken aback by her style… News from Brinkwire Entertainment in a nutshell.


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