‘Under Deck’: Kate Chastain berates the artist, calling her “abusive” and “rude”


When former Below Deck chef Kate Chastain told artist Jenny Andrews Anderson she was “insulting” and “rude.” what began as a nice buy from an artist turned furious.

On her public Instagram account, Anderson posted the text exchange, exposing the discussion’s trajectory.

Anderson was approached by Chastain because she wanted to purchase one of the paintings by Anderson.

As Chastain told Anderson that she had been reading her blog for years, the debate was polite and flattering.

The discussion, however, fell apart when Chastain tried to discuss the price, with Chastain calling Anderson rude and Anderson offended at how the deal was handled.

Tank negotiation halfway to selling

Chastain asked Anderson if, shortly after she agreed to purchase one of her works, the price was negotiable. She wrote that it seemed that the price was high. She also told Anderson that on her Bravo show she wanted to feature the painting, which would give more exposure to the artist.

Chastain proposed a price of her own before Anderson could comment.

Anderson, however, clarified how she priced her work and appeared unable to follow the price proposed. The statement from Anderson, “Just as you would respectfully decline unpaid gigs and opportunities to work for free, so do I,” did not sit well with Chastain.

I’ll probably regret much of what I said, but while watching #BelowDeck on the NEW #GalleyTalk series premiering Friday at 7:6pm on @BravoTV!, I had a great time talking shit with @Conconarias. pic.twitter.com/6hIVr4hpj8- Kate Chastain (@Kate_Chastain) December 28, 2020 ‘Below Deck’: Captain Lee says he and the crew were insulted with the worst tip in season 1

In the trade, it was a turning point.

Although she did not intend to be offensive, Chastain said she believed that Anderson did not mean to be offensive either.

Anderson was also told by Chastain that she did not want art for free either.

The artist was humiliated by Kate Chastain

However, Chastain’s next message was furious. She wrote that she was just trying to negotiate what would cost nothing, and if Anderson had said the price was set, she would have paid the full price.

But then she wrote, “Her response was insulting and rude.” And she added, “Sadly, all I see is ugliness when I look at the picture.”

Take note. Your job is not my favorite or the best, I suppose.

Chastain was told by Anderson that nothing was disrespectful about the way she reacted. “You told me you thought my price was a little high because it didn’t include shipping,” she wrote. “At the very least, that’s the height of disrespect.”

In the comments section of the post, in addition to the text exchange, Anderson added her own remarks. “This is not okay,” she wrote. “I want to say this loud and clear for the people in the background – it’s not okay to question an artist’s pricing or shipping procedures when inquiring about a piece YOU are interested in.”

Beautiful Thursday! Pic.twitter.com/cQH9Rr048C- Uma d. (Jenny Andrews-Anderson) L. Pisani (@Umadlpisani) July 9, 2020 ‘Under Deck’: Kate Chastain shows the biggest hint that Captain Lee is getting upset.

“Also, the most disgusting thing of all is to pass around clout as a bargaining tool.

She added, the general dynamic that occurs where individuals with power or individuals who *think* they have influence expect others to offer big discounts or freebies is the height of disrespect. “I think I speak for a lot of artists when I say – GO F**K YOURSELF.”

Now I’m not unfamiliar with prospective customers asking me (politically) if my rates are solid. Sometimes they are, sometimes they are not. Sometimes they are.

That’s my business.

And it’s at my discretion. PERIOD. What began as an ordinary request for a price in this particular case evolved into something utterly arrogant and offensive.


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