‘Under deck’: Captain Lee reveals the true reason for the angry charter guest diving into the sea.


“unloaded like that on a guest”unloaded like that on a guest.

But there may be a prior experience behind his explosive response.

He’s so mad that he’s going to end the whole charter early.

James Hough of Deckhand said he didn’t think it was a huge deal to leap into the ocean. “When you charter a big, expensive superyacht and have a drink, people end up doing funny things,”When you charter a large, expensive superyacht and have a drink, people end up doing funny stuff.

‘She wanted to go swimming,’ continued Hough. I don’t really see the issue with that. Frankly, I’d have jumped in with her if I was in her position and I was one of the guests.

The only reason I didn’t do that was because I had no change of clothes with me.

The jump was not seen by Hough as a big deal, but Rosbach clarified that visibility in the Caribbean at night is poor. He also had an encounter with a member of the deck crew who fell into the water that still haunts him throughout season six.

Ashton Pienaar’s deckhand may have died when he fell into the water

When a rope wrapped around his ankle in Season 6, Deckhand Ashton Pienaar was pushed out into the water.

When the yacht went out to sea, the crew had completed the swimming platform. Pienaar did not know a rope had been tied around his foot, and when he was dragged underwater, deckhand Rhylee Gerber could not catch him.

Gerber shouted “man overboard” right away, and the crew climbed overboard.

A fast-thinking cameraman managed to free the rope from Pienaar’s leg, and he swam to the dinghy that was being towed behind the yacht. Rosbach and the crew realized that Pienaar may have died, and Rosbach was shocked by the moment.

In the party, there’s always one…. See the Captain’s Log for more information. #belowdeck #belowdeckbravo https://t.co/4ovamXcygM pic.twitter.com/YolnCkb0y8- Captain Lee (@capthlr) January 5, 2021 The crew of ‘Below Deck Galley Chat’ unveils some of the best and worst Charter Pieces

“Well, this has been an eventful charter so far, hasn’t it?” Rosbach recently wrote on his blog. “I mean, these guys can really put it away. Most of them seem to be doing well, but, yeah, there’s always one, right? Especially after almost losing Ashton last year, that’s not what I need, nor will I tolerate, as you may have noticed. If you want to put your life on the line, go ahead, but you won’t do it on my boat. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.”

The accident changed Capt. Lee forever.

In his confessional in Season 6, Rosbach was on the verge of tears. “We were not 30 seconds away from him dying and I have to call his parents and tell them their son is dead,” Rosbach, who is a father, shared a confessional with him. “And I am responsible. I don’t know how I’m going to do it. I’ve got kids.

And I’m not sure how I’m going to make that decision.

The crew was totally sober and only doing their jobs, unlike the charter guest who plummeted into the water.

But Rosbach promised that there would be no repetition of the errors that occurred. “The three of us just looked at each other in confusion, not really knowing what was going on,”The three of us just looked at each other in confusion, not really knowing what was happening.

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“I thought he just fell off the back and was just chilling in the water to go on the dinghy,”I thought he was just falling off his back and was just chilling in the water to get on the dinghy. “I didn’t realize the gravity of the situation and how far it had gone.”


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