Ulrika Jonsson describes her SAS experience as “debilitating” and “like pouring acid in your throat.”


Ulrika Jonsson describes her SAS experience as “debilitating” and “like pouring acid in your throat.”

ULRIKA JONSSON has spoken up more about her harrowing experience in the new Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins series.

In the new series of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins, a fresh set of celebrities will take on the Scottish Hebrides. Presenter Ulrika Jonsson has recounted the “debilitating” sensation of being gassed on her first day of the Channel 4 challenge ahead of the third series’ premiere this Sunday.

In the first episode of Celebrity SAS, Ulrika Jonsson gave a comprehensive account of her experience being gassed.

The 54-year-old Swedish-British broadcaster and model joined a bunch of other celebrities in attempting to face the SAS selection’s arduous tasks.

Jonsson described the first day’s tasks in detail to Channel 4 ahead of the show’s premiere.

When asked about being gassed, she said, “I mean, to say it took my breath away is an understatement.”

“Obviously, I’ve never encountered anything like that, when your first breath feels like acid is being poured down your throat, nose, and eyes.”

“It was really debilitating,” she later stated of the encounter.

The third season of Celebrity SAS begins with a challenging obstacle course before the team attempts to deal with a hostage crisis.

However, she agreed that the tremendous build-up to being gassed was one of the hardest portions of the day.

“I suppose the toughest part was the suspense since no one tells you anything,” she said.

Jonsson stated she would have fared better if she hadn’t been warned prior to the incident.

“That is the best thing in the world because if someone says, ‘This is what will happen,’ you will have time to build up fear,” she explained.

“They start yelling at you, and you’re terrified; you can’t take it in. So I simply wanted to say, ‘Hold on.’ What did you say, I’m sorry? ‘What am I supposed to do?’


“Of course, they’re like, ‘F**k off!’” says the narrator. Get in there and get the job done.’”

Viewers will have to wait until Sunday night to see if Jonsson has recovered quickly.

For the new series, she will be joined by fellow hosts Saira Khan and Ore Oduba, as well as Alexandra Burke, Kerry Katona, and gold medalist James Cracknell.

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