UK weather: The Met Office has confirmed that snow will fall this week as the UK is battered by ten days of ferocious storms.


Brits are preparing for ten days of massive storms, starting with torrential rain which the Met Office say could ‘turn to snow’ as early as Thursday in an icy plunge

Starting today, the UK is going to be battered by ten days of hellish weather with temperatures taking an icy plunge and bringing in tonnes of Artic snow.

Torrential downpours of rain will kick off the week, carried in on severe gales produced by a low-pressure front lurking from the Atlantic.

Around midweek the Met Office has confirmed “wintry conditions” will take place, with blasts of snow possible as early as Thursday.

Unbelievable gusts of around 60mph are predicted as Brits prepare for several inches of rain and snow, leading up to what could be a ‘White Halloween’.

Jim Dale, meteorologist for the British Weather Services, has said: “A very turbulent period of weather is one the way bringing a big change from the calm conditions we have seen lately.

“Low pressure will push in from the Atlantic through the start of the week carrying a lot of rain and putting parts of the country at risk of gales.

“It will turn colder later in the week and there could be a risk of snow which if it comes, will fall over the hills of Scotland.

“The stormy pattern is expected to hold out until end of the month with a very wet, windy, and possibly stormy, Halloween on the cards.

“It is time to get ready for a big change in the weather with a real witches brew in the run up to Halloween.”

For today, the Met Office has warned that morning temperatures in some places could plummet to “mid-single figures”.

As we move into afternoon, and the wet weather moves in from the west, heavy showers are likely for all parts of the UK except Northern Ireland, which dodges the rain for now.

Temperatures should peak at around 17C for most places, with 16C and 15C expected in the north of England and Scotland. The downpours will make it feel even colder than this.

The Met Office added that snow is “expected on mountain tops across Scotland” at the start of the week, but that wild weather could easily turn “sleet into snow” for lower areas by Thursday.

Dustings of the white stuff are most likely in Wales and Scotland by Sunday, but there is staggeringly even a chance of it falling. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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