Ubisoft is giving out a free PlayStation download this weekend.


Ubisoft is giving out a free PlayStation download this weekend.

For a limited time, UBISOFT and Sony have partnered up to deliver a whole new game experience for PS4 and PS5.

This weekend, PS5 owners may download a new game for free and play it for a few days.

Ubisoft is giving another intriguing promotion for anyone interested in trying out one of its most recent games, the latest in a regular run of free downloads.

With no plans for a sequel, now is a good moment to pick up Watch Dogs: Legion for PS5 and PS4.

Players are charged with organizing an army to combat the growing authoritative threat in London amid an attempted security coup.

Ubisoft initially released Legion in 2020, and it features a large and comprehensive layout of the English city.

The well-known publisher is known for providing free trials for its games, and it recently completed one for Rainbow Six Siege.

Ubisoft has opted for a more standalone experience this time around, with Legion featuring a variety of modes and activities.

In terms of fan acclaim and popularity, the game franchise never quite reached the same heights as Assasin’s Creed, but it’s still a terrific way to try something new on PS5.

The free trial will begin on Friday, September 3 and will run over the weekend, according to Ubisoft’s announcement this week:

“Watch Dogs: Legion is about resurrecting the hacktivist organization DedSec and combating the repressive forces of a corrupt privatized military, criminal gangs, and cyber-terrorism in a near-future London. DedSec is a group that fights for freedom, security, and free video games… most of the time.

“As a result, from September 3 to September 5, you may play Watch Dogs: Legion for free on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, and Stadia.

“Starting today, preload is available on all platforms, and if you enjoy your time with the game and want to continue playing after the free weekend, you may do so (and carry over all your progress).

Watch Dogs: Legion will also be available for free on all free-weekend platforms, according to Ubisoft.

60 percent off the Standard, Deluxe, Gold, and Ultimate Editions on the Ubisoft Store, and 25% off the Season Pass on the Epic Games Store.

55 percent off the Deluxe Edition and 50% off the Gold Edition of Stadia Pro.

The Deluxe and Gold Editions of the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 are discounted by 67 percent.

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