Tyrus’ Wrestling Belt is most likely carried about for a very simple, understandable reason.


If you had a group of friends who were obsessed with professional wrestling, then there was probably a good chance you had that one friend who ordered a replica belt off of QVC one night. Perhaps they even walked around with the belt because it made them feel good. Or maybe it was for comedic effect. Or maybe it was a combination of both.

And when Tyrus won the NWA TV title, folks noticed he was doing the same thing as many of our pro-wrestling-loving friends did with their replica pieces. This got a lot of people asking: Why does Tyrus carry his wrestling belt?

It’s just something that a lot of champions across a ton of different sports have been doing for a very long time, not just in professional wrestling. Is it a bit of a “troll” move? Conor McGregor in the UFC, for example, would amble around with both of his belts on his shoulders, as would Henry Cejudo, who went even further by wearing his Olympic gold medal.

In the world of professional wrestling, braggadocio is pretty much par the course. If you aren’t flaunting your exploits and/or abilities, then you’re simply doing it wrong. And that’s probably the biggest reason that Tyrus, who became the NWA champ after utilizing a heart punch against Pope, is walking around with his belt.

But he probably “carries” the belt instead of wearing it because he’s a rather large fellow, too.

The heat began with Pope targeting Tyrus’s legs. Whenever The Funkasaurus would build any type of momentum, Pope would be right there to knock him down to his legs. However, after a ton of peripatetic moments, Tyrus ultimately was able to secure the victory, giving him his first major championship in a promotion.

#tyrussmash @nwa world television champion keeping it real ! @FoxNews #nuffsaid pic.twitter.com/GaGaAEuXoU

Of course, the TV title isn’t the biggest belt that’s available to NWA wrasslers. However, it’s still pretty darn significant. This could be another reason Tyrus is walking around with the belt. He’s probably extremely proud of the fact that he finally reached a milestone in his professional wrestling career.

Throngs of people put their bodies on the line just to perform in shows. However, those who persevere have a shot at getting employed with a major promotion. But just “getting in” is still only a portion of… Brinkwire short summary.


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